A practical approach to stereo 360º video – Prague 2015

Zakato Ivrpa Prague2015 Banner 01

An introduce to a practical approach to full stereo 360º video using two cameras After presenting a successful technique to achieve full spherical 360º video with a single camera, Antonio has extended this for stereo capturing too. Stereo panoramas have been out there for as long as panoramic photography has existed. The new trends and… Read More

A One Night Stand in 360° – Prague 2015

MichaelKolchesky BMW 02

Working with advertising and communication agencies A 24 hour project at Geneva international Motor show March 2015 - Stand BMW. Read More

Panoramas and the Google Ecosystem – Prague 2015

Google Ecosystem

Love it or hate it, Google is increasingly becoming significant player in the panoramic world. In this workshop we will look at all of Google's 360 offerings, including Google Maps Business View, Photospheres, Google Views, and Youtube 360 video (presented by Thomas Hayden). This workshop will be a practical "how to" session on getting started… Read More

VR Technology: State of the art 2015 by Robert Scoble – Prague 2015

Scoble With Freedom360 Rig

A talk from one of the Internet's most influential people who has been reporting on new technology for over 15 years Read More

PTGui Advanced features – Advanced Image Stitching Workshop – Prague 2015

PTGui Workshop Illustration

In this workshop PTGui author Joost Nieuwenhuijse will demonstrate some tips and tricks for PTGui. And for the ones who've never dared to touch the Advanced button, they will get a crash course to a few of the most useful features. Read More

Antartica: Planning and shooting 360° VR photography and video in extreme environments – Prague 2015

SergeySemenov Airpano 2

Without proper planning, Antartica project would have been impossible to achieve Read More

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