How automated spherical imaging will empower businesses – Prague 2015


With the rise in 360 degree popularity fuelled by the creation of immersive viewing systems, what was once a selective choice for businesses, 360 degree images are becoming a "need to have". Fully automatic 360 degree hardware solutions are the key to harvesting data quicker and easier than ever before. Allowing photographers to capture in… Read More

GIROPTIC Virtual Sensor Technology, a new way to build hardware for 360 imaging – Prague 2015

GIROPTIC 360cam - Close Up

Spherical and immersive imaging is rapidly growing as the future of consumer media. But may it be using fisheye lenses or mirrors with limited field of view, or multiple lenses/cameras systems and softwares, most of our production solutions today are mostly hacks of equipment initially meant to produce regular framed media. From professionals to consumers,… Read More

LiveHEAT – Knows what they see & Finwe template app – an affordable solution for branded 360 app – Prague 2015


LiveHEAT Finwe presents a first glimpse of their patent pending LiveHEAT technology, a novel method and service for automatically tracking and visualizing 360 and VR visible view area across a large user base. It gives answers for example to the following questions: What exactly the audience is looking at right now? What parts of the… Read More

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality to boost 360° usability – Prague 2015


"Virtual Reality is our passion and we want to bring this new exciting technology to as many people as possible with fascinating use cases.That's why I founded World of VR." For the past 10 years, Timon has helped to bring innovative ICT solutions to businesses around the world, both within large companies as well as… Read More

A preview of what’s to come for Google Maps, Views, Business View, Street View – Prague 2015


Be among the first to know about a number of big advancements coming to Google's 360º products. Read More

Kolor 360 Video workflow from A to Z – Prague 2015


With the Kolor team, we will stitch together some videos recorded on Monday and go through the full workflow of creating and publishing a 360-degree video, from the recording with GoPro cameras to the stitching with the latest version of Autopano Video Pro and finally, the publishing 360° video on the web. Presented by:

Kutná Hora – Annual IVRPA excursion – Prague 2015

Aerial 360 Panorama Of Kostinice By Airpano 02

On June 5, we leave to head to Kutná Hora an historical Town Centre with the Church of St Barbara and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec. Leaving by 8:00 in the morning, we will be back at 18:00 so expect a long and pleasant day.

Street View: 360 Degree Photography of the World – Prague 2015


Over the past decade, Google Street View has organized the largest ever collection of panoramic photography. In this talk, I will review the early days of the project, recounting Street View’s emergence from trials and tribulations to its current status as a major Google initiative. Today, Street View imagery covers 7 continents and more than… Read More

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