Evolution Of Virtual Shop: From Concept To Commercial Product

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How to bring the concept of virtual shopping to market as a viable, commercial product for the mainstream audience, and how to do it today. We will demonstrate how we managed to do just that, explaining the evolution of our approach through 3 different virtual shops we build. We will talk about what we learned… Read More

Emotional Sound Design For Immersive Cinema

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Why is 3D sound so important in narrative VR? In which part of the process should you start working with sound? How can VR sickness be addressed through clever sound work? Focusing on my experience with the 360 film "The Goldfish Theory" I'm going to present my experience with using Sound Design in VR story-telling.… Read More

Enter for a Chance to Win VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Giveaway

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Spring has sprung and we're doing it again! 💐 You could win a FREE license of Corel's VideoStudio Ultimate 2019.  🤗 To enter, leave a COMMENT on this post that is featured on our Facebook page. The contest will close, and the winner will be selected randomly on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, @ 9:00 am… Read More

Immerse Into Africa’s Market Potential For VR

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The potential for VR for Africa is just huge. All VR players wishing to expand and reach new markets are welcome to join us in the initiative to reach Africa. You will discover how the strategic location of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean can serve as your regional headquarters. Leveraging technological development, Mauritius has clearly… Read More

Transforming Immersive Video To Build Impossible Worlds


What kinds of post-process transformations make sense for immersive photographs and video? We can rotate the sphere, but is there an analog to zoom in flat video? It turns out that there is a not-so-obvious, but mathematically natural way to zoom. As an application, we use this to create looping worlds. Other functions can "unwrap"… Read More

Stereoscopy: the Victorian Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is much older than one might think -- it actually began with the stereoscope, back in the 1850s, when stereoscopy became a craze and millions of cards were produced over a relatively short period. Stereo cards allowed the Victorians to discover a world few had actually seen for real but that they could… Read More

Creating a Rich Experience Through a Classic Adventure Game Using Non-linear Storytelling in VR


Joshua Krook will present a behind the scenes look at the storytelling of The Cinema Rosa: PC Game a story-driven narrative adventure game set in an abandoned art deco cinema that's filled with dark mysteries, puzzles and ghosts. Can you bring peace to these haunted hallways and bring back the Golden Age of Hollywood, or… Read More

360 Documentary Film Will Save Us!

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VR is not mainstream... and that's a problem for all of us! For our industry to survive and grow, we need to build our audience. To do that, we must provide engaging content to attract more viewers into headsets. Rachel and Brad, 360/VR filmmakers, will explain how 360 documentary storytelling is the perfect entry point… Read More

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