GoPro’s latest and upcoming developments in VR – Québec 2016


SPEAKER: Alexandre Jenny Come & Touch the Future of VR: these words invite you to join GoPro at the IVRPA conference and discover the end-to-end solutions of the company in terms of virtual reality. Alexandre Jenny, founder of Kolor and Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro, will present you the latest developments in hardware… Read More

Chornobyl360: Creating a VR Documentary – Québec 2016


Making of Chornobyl360: Immersive 360 VR documentary about Chornobyl and Exclusion Zone Read More

Bridging the VR Advertising Gap – Quebec City 2016


SPEAKERS: Andrew Balfour, Global Creative Innovation Lead and Gavin Farrell, Sr. Design Manager As the consumption of VR media continues to grow, advertisers are rushing to understand the landscape and produce high-quality VR content. Yahoo is bridging the gap for advertisers to build more immersive, meaningful experiences with new 360 image and video technologies. In… Read More

New Roundshot VR Drive Metric – Québec City 2016


SPEAKER: Urs Krebs, Roundshot Roundshot will present a new Roundshot VR Drive Metric - with 3D measurement and 3D tools - first time to the public at the IVRPA Conference in Québec City!

From panoramas to photogrammetry – Québec 2016


SPEAKER: Ben Kreunen Photogrammetry is becoming increasingly popular as a method of creating 3D data of real world scenes for use in game development, VFX and VR. Photogrammetry and panoramic imaging have quite a lot in common in terms of the image processing involved. A quick comparison of online forums will show very similar questions… Read More

Pano2VR 5: New Features and Workflow Basics – Québec 2016


SPEAKER: Thomas Rauscher At the last IVRPA conference in Prague, we showed you our latest version of Pano2VR. Since then, it is out of Beta and we still have more we want to share with you. We will highlight some of the more notable features like the Patches mode, the Components Toolbox, Droplets, and Automatic… Read More

PT3D: Stitching Stereo Panoramas – Québec 2016


SPEAKER: Thomas Sharpless Spherical panoramas look great in VR; 3-D spheres look spectacular. You can create stereoscopic spheres with standard panography tools, but it takes a lot of photos, a lot of skilled work, and considerable luck. To make 3-D spherical panography really practical, new tools are needed. PT3D is a "helper tool" for stitching… Read More

VR at Google – Québec 2016


Speaker: Jeremy Doig, Engineering VP, Virtual Reality at Google Over the next few years, Virtual Reality technology will come to consumers in multiple forms - in imaging products, technology platforms and everyday consumption experiences. In this talk, Jeremy will outline Google's work in this exciting field and the opportunities for creators and visual storytellers to… Read More

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