Preparing your 360° content for VR headsets

Workshop-graphic-preparing-for-vr-headset Copy

With more and more VR headsets available in the market, it is much easier for users to view the 360° content in a more immsersive and interactive way. However, there are some more to do after we shooting & stitching the 360 media with the right gears if we want our content displaying in the… Read More

A look into some of the technical aspects of creating – Prague 2015

Shooting Aerial Panoramas 3

Timelapse from Dubai Airport and setup on the pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa Read More

Pano2VR 5 Revealed – Prague 2015

Pano2VR V5

Thomas Rauscher will be revealing the latest major release of Pano2VR . Read More

Virtual Tours Made Simple with Roundme CEO Konstantin Andreev – Prague 2015

IVRPA Screen 1

Roundme’s CEO Konstantin Andreev will demonstrate how easy it is to create virtual tours fun but also to make them beautiful. Read More

Challenges and opportunities behind cinematic VR – Prague 2015

Jaunt PMC 1200x600

JAUNT – From concerts to extreme adventure to narrative fiction Read More

Multimedia Storytelling and VR – Prague 2015

Project360 Matthias

Matthias Taugwalder will give an exclusive behind the scenes view of two of his recent projects. Read More

Marzipano: a new 360º viewer – Prague 2015

Manuel Cabral Digisfera Marzipano Panorama Viewer 01

Another viewer! You will see why you should evaluate this solution. Read More

A practical approach to stereo 360º video – Prague 2015

Zakato Ivrpa Prague2015 Banner 01

An introduce to a practical approach to full stereo 360º video using two cameras After presenting a successful technique to achieve full spherical 360º video with a single camera, Antonio has extended this for stereo capturing too. Stereo panoramas have been out there for as long as panoramic photography has existed. The new trends and… Read More

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