IVRPA Board of Directors, 2016

IVRPA Directors are elected annually as per the IVRPA bylaws.
Nominations for new IVRPA Directors are open in November every year, and Elections are held every December.
Nominations and Elections are announced via mailing list and in the IVRPA Forums.
Please contact bod@ivrpa.org for more information.

IVRPA Director - President

Luc Villeneuve 360° Image


Luc has more than 30 years of experience in the field of technologies applied to the communication industry. He is actually 100% dedicated to 360° medias and virtual reality projects. Luc is the organizer of Prague 2015 and Québec City 2016.

IVRPA Director - Vice President

Jürgen Schrader

Jürgen Schrader BAVARIA360


I am a full time photographer specialized in spherical imaging and located in Bavaria in the South of Germany near Munich. President and Vice President of the IVRPA since 2014.

IVRPA Director - Secretary

Willy Kaemena

Willy Kaemena Kaemena360


Willy Kaemena is the Secretary of IVRPA since 2010. He is the one who gave a name to a certain type of simulated aerial panorama, The Flying Willy. Willy is involved in planning and managing many aspects of the annual IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference.

IVRPA Director - Treasurer

Denis Gadbois

Denis Gadbois vrpanorama.ca


My research at the University of Calgary focuses on panorama and 360 degree photography. 360 degree photography is a unique way to capture the whole world around us. For artistd 360 photography allows a lot of options to customize the view or projection providing their unique way to see the world. My career in academe…

IVRPA Director - Webmaster

Sam Rohn 360° VR Panoramic Photography & Virtual Tours, NYC


Sam has been shooting 360° VR Panoramic Photography & Virtual Tours since 1998, and has worked for clients including WETA, Disney, Nikon, Hugo Boss, Chevrolet, Central Park Conservancy, Lincoln Center, Nat Geo Traveler, Der Spiegel, and more. Sam has also worked for over 20 years as a location scout in New York City for feature…

IVRPA Director - Editor in Chief

Keith Martin

Keith Martin London College of Communication


Keith has extensive experience as a print and digital graphic designer, photographer, writer and programmer. He has worked in the print media production sector since the mid-1980s and print design since the late 1980s, developed multimedia and online projects since the beginning of the 1990s, and has worked in the magazine editorial sector since 1992.…

IVRPA Director

Thomas Sharpless

Thomas Sharpless tksharpless.net


Biochemist/Engineer/Panographer. Like to write software, hack with cameras, walk dogs. Ambition: to create an automatic 3D stitching system.