Shooting and Stitching 360° Panoramas

General Tutorials

Find the No Parallax-Point

incorrectly known as nodal point

Understanding image projections and distortion in 360° VR Panoramas

360° VR Panorama Stitching Software Tutorials

PTGUI tutorials -
Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga tutorials -
Hugin Tutorials -

360° VR Panorama Display Software Tutorials

Pano2VR Tutorials
KRPano Tutorials
PanoTour Pro Tutorials

Creating 360° VR Panoramas using DIY hardware & free software

Panoramic Photography Lens Database

Add Google Photosphere GPano Metadata

Embed 360° VR panoramas in a Facebook post

Embed 360° VR panoramas in WordPress

General/Advanced Photography

HDR & Exposure Fusion

Photographers Rights

Bert Krages "Photographers Rights":
ACLU info:
Research paper about your rights to take pictures of pretty much anything visible from public ground:
UK Photographers Rights -

Photography Contract Templates

More info coming soon !