Ali Zareiee - IVRPA Sponsor Member


Oslo, Oslo, Norway

We aim to provide all panoramic and video professionals a 360 degree videocamera headset called the ADAPA 360 Brace. By offering the possibility of experimenting with our designs we work with testpartners on the feedback for creating a system that is a design solution for professional use, as well as beeing the basis of a consumer product in the future. There is also a couple of helmet solutions custommade for action sports helmets, using from 6,8,9, to13 Gopro Hero 4 Black. The prototyping is done using Gopros at this stage.

The company has designed 13 different 360 degree videocamera concepts and made 10 working prototypes, some of the designs have been entered into ESNC EU satellite navigation competition in 2013, 2014, and will also enter this year. Geotagging 360 spheres is the idea there.

ADAPA 360 Brace got funding from the government based international organization Innovation Norway the 05.05.15, by the Lillehammer city office - Senior advisor Mette Iversen.

This funding program has the intention of supporting projects with a global potential create the network and generate interest for partnership with Norwegian based companies like ADAPA Trino.

Since since 2011 the founders of the company have been in contact, working and cooperating with world leading companies like YellowBird Netherlands and MakingView. Network today spans from Prague to New York, Vancouver to Sidney, Nicaragua to Hong Kong

The project has been presented to the Norwegian Police and Military Research Establishment. In autumn of 2015 Germany and Spain are next.

We are members of Norwegian- German Chambers of Commerce and are represented by the leader of Norwegian- Spanish Chambers of Commerce, Mrs Carmen Sanz in Spain.