Alin - IVRPA Sponsor Member


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Alin Bugeag is a Canadian programmer and founder of GoThru the company behind the GoThru editor. He is also a former Google Trusted Photographer. Alin was born in Romania, in 1977 and was writing computer code by the time he was 12. After IT University graduation he emigrated to Canada where he worked for 10 years as a software programmer and then architect in the Real Estate market. This is where he fell in love with photography and started his first business, as a Real Estate photographer, and later on to be contacted by Google and to become the first Google Trusted Photographer in the Greater Toronto Area. As a Trusted Photographer Alin quickly recognized the that the Google editor had some lacking tools. In March 2015, GoThru saw the need for a way to save and update constellations in the Street View editor and created the GoThru plug-in. GoThru provides features such as tour previews, portfolio tools, hosted tours, 360 videos, and now the GoThru Moderator.