Lawrence Pierce

Lawrence Pierce - IVRPA Member

Lawrence M. Pierce

Northridge, California, United States
Graduate of Brooks Institute with an MS in scientific and technological imaging. Prior to Brooks earned a BA in art and ran a freelance graphic design consultancy for 10 years that incorporated an emphasis on multilingual marketing. Even earlier work included wedding and commercial photography, computer game design and art direction. Enjoyed 15 minutes of fame as the art director on MTV/Viacom’s first video game. Additionally provided network installation and support to corporations. Also focused on education… Earned an MA in education in the option of new media design and production; have taught Spanish and implemented learning affordances in Blackboard and virtual worlds. Some other interests have been 3D design and modeling, music composition and computer technology. Currently a volunteer comment moderator of an online magazine featuring VR and virtual worlds technology. Discovered coffee drinks and wine later rather than sooner in life, but now enjoy a homemade caffè mocha in the mornings, and wine tastings from time to time. A lifelong resident of Los Angeles (the Valley) with two short term relocations, one to Sacramento, California and another to Louisville, Kentucky. Significant other is a woman with a love of the blues, cats and books. Prefer informed reason to extremism, realizing that bias is nonetheless at least somewhat inevitable (and not always a bad thing) in most human affairs.