Lucian Nistor

Lucian Nistor - IVRPA Member

NIstor Photography Ltd.

Wellington, , New Zealand

I enjoy producing commercial photography, specialising in 360-degree virtual tours, real estate and aerial photography. It’s the best way to meet amazing people from everywhere in New Zealand: from Auckland to Queenstown, Blenheim to fabulous Taupo or one of coolest towns in the world, Napier.

So much has changed from the day I first started experimenting with my Smena 8, and yet, a lot has stayed the same. I’m still fascinated by angles, reflections and shadows to create the perfect shot. And I’m still learning; continuously finding new, better techniques, experimenting with shots and seeking out different subjects to capture in clever ways. Every photograph reveals a new, fascinating and unexpected world, regardless if it’s a portrait, a wedding, a corporate event or simple blade of grass, crowned with dew drops - and I’d love to capture a part of the world for you. Get in touch and let’s chat about your requirements.