Nathalie Mathe

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Palo Alto, California, United States

Nathalie Mathé is an experienced VR creative who worked on more than 30 cinematic Virtual Reality projects over the past three years. She uses her expertise in films visual effects, animation and interactive media to develop immersive experiences as well as cutting-edge creation tools for VR.

She contributed to Zero Point, the first VR documentary made for the Oculus Rift headset by Condition One, presented at Sundance New Frontier 2015. As Jaunt’s Director of Creative Technology, Nathalie worked on many VR cinematographic projects, including “Paul McCartney in concert” and “North Face Climbers”.

After a successful career as a NASA research scientist during the 1990s, Nathalie became a documentary and an animation filmmaker. She worked as a texture artist and matte painter for major studios in France, and as a senior environment artist at Double Negative in London and Vancouver. Her credits include Cannes award-winner Persepolis, Total Recall, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, Les Miserables, Captain Phillips and Fast and Furious 6.

Nathalie holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the National School of Space and Aeronautics in France, and an M.A. in European Media from the University of Portsmouth, UK. She is an active member of Women in VR and an instructor in the AR/VR Women Academy.