Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey - IVRPA Sponsor Member

Nodal Ninja

Chandler, Arizona, United States
Nodal Ninja is the name of a company which operates under the legal protection of Bill Bailey L.L.C. - a Limited Liability Company based in Chandler Arizona USA. The brand name "Nodal Ninja" used by permission from Nick Fan of Fanotec International. Many aspects of the business, to include marketing and global distribution of the Fanotec product line, are all handled through Nodal Ninja. Nodal Ninja is the exclusive global distributor of the Fanotec product line. While Fanotec International and Nodal Ninja are separate legally licensed entities, they operate very closely with other. Bill Bailey is a humanitarian and entrepreneur. He enjoys photography, travel and has a great deal of passion for running his company. Bill is widely respected in the community for his support to the arts and in bringing greater exposure to panoramic photography. “It’s not a concern that competition may gain benefit from much of our marketing and sponsorships. What I find rewarding is realizing that more people are learning about this fascinating field and the potential it holds to better our lives both artistically and financially.” Having resided in California most of his life Bill spent more than 15 years in Alaska, 6 of which was in the Air Force. He also owned and operated a successful photography business for 5 years (1994-1999) called Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska. His company traveled extensively throughout Alaska providing portraiture services to very remote villages and Eskimo communities. After selling his business he packed up and moved to warmer climates in California and, after marrying his lovely Aussie wife Kim, settled in Arizona. He wanted to venture back into the photography realm and was lured to the fascinating world of panoramic photography; from showcasing homes through the use of Virtual Tours to showing off personal panoramas from his travels. At least that was the plan. In 2004 Bill partnered with Nick Fan of Fanotec and together they built a company called Nodal Ninja that today stands forefront in the hardware industry for panoramic photographers.