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Illuminated Stiftskirche Tübingen, Germany by Ulrich Metz.

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End of Year Note

Just a quick note to all my IVRPA friends,
I will not be returning to the IVRPA board of directors
next year. I think it's good for me to take "leave" of
the IVRPA official duties and let others lead the organization.
It's been a great privilege to serve on the leadership of the
organization, but like all volunteer groups, it can be a challenge.
It's Time for a breather.

I hope many of you who know me will consider serving on the board,
and contributing to IVRPA -- to promote our work, to educate the public, and
to usher in many of the new photo/video technologies that image producers
will confront in the years ahead.

It's tough times for photographers but you have a choice: lead, follow or
get out of the way.

At this year's end, I hope you find peace in your thoughtful decisions, and happiness with
your family and friends.

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Re: End of Year Note

Dear Michael,

Well let me be the first to say 'thank you and well done for all your hard work with the IVRPA' I dont know you, but I am a grateful member ;)

Great wishes to you and enjoy xmas and new year !

tom mills


Re: End of Year Note

Hey Mike:

You had a good run! :)

May the new pastures be greener...


Patrick Cheatham
Berkeley, California