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Hayden Planetarium :: New York City by Sam Rohn.

Tags for AotPR part 8a - Panning Timelapse

AotPR part 8a - Panning Timelapse

Having played around with the footage from Thursday evening, it occurred to me to wonder "what if I then stitched some of those images together?".

Click to see Zoomify version.

Given the use of a fullframe fisheye for shooting the footage, each image covers about 50% of the entire area shot, so I picked out a mere half-dozen images from the 137-image sequence and stitched them together in PTGui.

Modern blending software (in this case PSCS3) does a fantastic job of blending overlapping images - so much so that this doesn't register as a panorama shot over a full half-hour! On a technical note, I cut out quite a bitr from each image before using the layer blending function so that there wasn't much overlap between each successive image. At this point the six chosen images also got reduced to five as there was still too much overlap.

Looks like I'll be out again this evening to try again over a longer period and round the full 360 degrees. While wearing warmer clothes...

Ian Wood

P.S. The linked Zoomify version was done using the 'Export to Zoomify' function in the PSCS3 beta, the only change was to change the width and height to percentage values instead of fixed pixel values. Bizarrely, the basic exported HTML doesn't include any workaround for the IE7 issues... :-(