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Art Gallery Movimento - Milan, Italy by Pietro Madaschi.

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GPS2Aperture finally comes out of beta testing

GPS2Aperture Lite version 1.0.15 is now available, and isn't a beta! There's been a few tweaks and several bugfixes.

Work will now continue on the 'pro' version which will do geotagging from GPS log files. If you'd be interested in beta testing the pro version, please drop me an email.



Timelapse from the PanoTools meeting in Prague

I've not had much time to put together panoramas etc. from the Prague meeting, but here's a timelapse movie of one of the evenings eating at a local brewery.



GPS2Aperture updated for Aperture 2

GPS2Aperture has been updated to work properly with Aperture 2, allowing you to view and geotag your images via Google Earth.

It's free, and the beta is available at

Future plans include full geotagging from GPS log files.



Pano2Movie 2.1 beta available for testing

There is now a beta for Pano2Movie 2.1 available, with full bezier curve path editing.

  • New path editing based on bezier curves.
  • Timeline now works more like a video editor, with a draggable scrubber.
  • Use the Space bar to register keyframes when recording.
  • Use the Space bar to play/pause playback when editing, and the Home key to jump back to the beginning of the timeline.
  • Bezier points can be smooth curves or sharp corners.
  • Aperture Assistant

    I've been pretty quiet on the blog recently, due to a combination of being away for much of February (I went to Australia for a wedding, and met up with Aaron Spence who turned out to live round the corner), re-doing my website (not finished yet) and a bunch of application programming.

    Pano2Movie has been getting a bit of attention, with a new beta with bezier curve paths hopefully coming out in the next two weeks.

    Frankenhead goes to see Stanza

    A nice, cryptic title... ;-)

    Last week a colleague pointed me in the direction of an intriguing residency/installation at Plymouth Arts Centre (that's the 'original' Plymouth, not one of the thirty or so places named after it that are dotted around the globe).

    Pano2Movie bezier curve preview

    Pano2Movie 2.1 Preview

    This isn't really an alpha or a beta release, more a preview of what is on the way. Opening and saving of projects is not yet done, and neither is exporting of movies. However, the new curve-based timeline is nearly complete.

    The keyframing in Pano2Movie has been rewritten to use bezier curves instead of the thumbnail system used in version 2.0. (4MB) (3MB)

    Digital Media Bursary - It's Alive!

    Not very busy so far, but the main film showing is tonight (the 250-person auditorium is sold out) and there'll be people coming to see the installation before and after the main showing.

    Here's a rough-and-ready QTVR of the installation.


    P.S. You wouldn't believe the size of the projector!

    Digital Media Bursary - Dry Run

    Yesterday I spent all day at the Phoenix centre doing a dry run for the installation, to check that it would definitely all work etc.

    First up was testing different projection methods.
    Front projection would have given a brighter image and allowed more space, but caused problems with people's shadows falling on the screen as I couldn't get the projector close enough and high enough.

    Pano2Movie - released!

    Pano2Movie, the updated version of QTVR2MOV is now available, for generating QuickTime videos from your QTVR files.

    Main new features:

    Record paths through the panorama.
    Edit and save paths.
    Use the same path on multiple panoramas.
    Export as a sequence of images.
    Export to a QuickTime video file.
    Use any installed QuickTime codec, or use losslessly-compressed PNG format.
    Pick from a series of preset video sizes or use custom dimensions.