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Frankenhead goes to see Stanza

A nice, cryptic title... ;-)

Last week a colleague pointed me in the direction of an intriguing residency/installation at Plymouth Arts Centre (that's the 'original' Plymouth, not one of the thirty or so places named after it that are dotted around the globe).

An artist called Stanza is in residence and is building up an interactive installation hacking into the CCTV system combined with ultrasonic sensors, projectors, video mixers etc. One of the underlying ideas is to make the gallery itself the artwork - instead of coming to see an exhibition within the space, the space is the exhibition.

After my work with interactive installations this was too good to miss, and I arranged to take the Frankenhead down to Plymouth and meet up. Stanza was very approachable and we had a great time chatting about everything under the sun, discussing hacks, what people have been doing with panoramas, different technologies and - of course - LEGO Mindstorms.

I shot a few panos to show off the head, and then got out the little two-wheeled robot that produced these light-trails.

You can see more information about the residency (plus a couple of 'flat' panos) on Stanza's site. Highly recommended. The residency continues until March 8th, with the resulting installation running until April 6th. See it if you're in the area.


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Re: Frankenhead goes to see Stanza

I made something cool for you out of one of your stitched images: