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Venice, St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) by Hans von Weissenfluh.

Aerial winter panorama - the making of

Since I got an enormous response from customers and the panorama world at on my latest aerial panorama, I decided to put up a short "making of" for those who are interested (and to give a little back to the people who I've learned so much from).

Since we talked about that lately on the NG there is nothing special about vertical pole panos any more.
The only difference here is, that it was taken from mid air, and from a moving platform. Taking as less shots as possible in these cases is mandatory and crucial to the success of the project. I used a 5D with Nikon 10.5 and 4 shots (to get more overlap instead of taking only 3 shots).

So as a result I got these 4 pictures (starting with the downview):

Which were then stitched in PGTUi as usual. After some awful results I realised that it is best to use only the cokpit and the envelop of the blimp to place control points since they were the most static elements in the picture.
After optimizing everything as good as possible I created the final panorama as single layers to a photoshop file. Which then looked like that:

Obviously there are still some heavy parallax errors which can't be eliminated by simply blending layers. Also there has to be done something to get a proper part to cap the monopod. (What we learn here is that it is better to find a way to fix the camera to the bottom side of the monopod then to camera plate, which still covers a significant part of the image).

So with some minor tweakings I could correct the issues in the landscape and the envelop. For the cap I had to take some "body parts" from other images I shot during this ride. Luckily I found some that I could fit into the panorama, but it took quite a lot of time to get them there. Anyway, the result and the overall excitement justify any effort.

Afer this encouraging experience I am already planning the next shots of this kind.
So stay tuned ;)

Jürgen Schrader

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Re: Aerial winter panorama - the making of

Very nice to see the original images!

I can imagine how much trouble it must have been to add in the 'body parts', having done similar things a couple of times myself.

Thanks for the description.



Re: Aerial winter panorama - the making of

Yeah, as we say in Germany: We're all cooking just with water ;)

But that's the reason I put it here and not on my webpages.
Custormers shall still believe in magic, hehe :))


Re: Aerial winter panorama - the making of

Great to see the making-of! Thanks for that. This is one of the most impressing images I have seen so far, regardless of knowing about how it was done or not.


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