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P&O Cruises 'Azura' Prom Deck by David Woodward.

Seattle Center Fountain, One shot Panorama

A circular 8mm Fisheye on a full frame 35mm Camera covers 180° horizontal and vertical. See how to make a panoramic picture out of that.

4256x2832 Pixel (12,1MP)

The equidistant mapping of the fisheye lens is converted to a equirectangular projection using the PanoTools. Using vertical (t1) and horizontal (t2) control points, the picture gets positioned correctly (t0 control points cannot be used because there is only one picture). You can see that the lens was pointed slightly downwards when the picture was taken. The shape is similar to the pictures showing the day and night area of the earth as viewed from space.
If the picture would be taken downwards, only the upper half of the full equirectangular projection area would be used. A picture taken straight horizontally would fill the frame vertically, but only half horizontally.
Note, only a full spherical picture (taken from multiple pictures and stitched) would fill the entire equirectangular area.

5346x2673 Pixel (14,3MP)

Cropped to an 140° horizontal by 105° vertical picture, and free of any stitching error caused by parallax or scene movement.
Note the exact matching shadow of the dove.
With 3 Mega Pixel, the picture is large enough for web use and can even be printed on 10x8 in good quality.

2025x1547 Pixel (3,1MP)

100% crop

Click here
for the interactive 360x180 Panoramic of the Seattle Center Fountain made from 5 individual pictures handheld from about the same position.

Nikon D700, Sigma 8mm f/3.5, 1/400s f/10 ISO 200/24°