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Kiokio (Blechnum novae-zelandiae) by michael bajko.

Kudos to Looking Glass...

I realized I haven't posted here in a short while!

I've been working on several different projects, and haven't had a lot of time to bloggify. Tomorrow I officially embark on a 30+ Object VR shoot, which should keep me busy for a while. I'm bringing in a friend of mine, Kevin Berne, to help with actual shooting -- which will allow me time to be a keyboard jockey and hash out the interactive delivery (Flash) for the project -- while I (gasp!) direct. One object by myself, sure -- but 32?

When Maura (my wife) and I moved to Berkeley (this is related to the above, really) a few years ago, I immediately noticed the camera shop on the corner 3 blocks away. Maura was a tad afeared, picturing our life savings heading up to the camera shop, in exchange for all the photo gadgetry. ;-)

Looking Glass Camera & Photo Supply has become my home away from home, especially when I'm busy shooting. Having them so close has been a real boon, expecially here in the East Bay (San Francisco's redheaded stepchild, for photography anyway) -- they have a great supply of the basics for any photographer, still cater to a large film-based crowd of shooters (both sales and processing) but have lots of digital gear, enjoy good relationships with the various reps (Canon, Nikon, etc), and have a burgeoning rentals department... but most of all they have a knowledgeable, engaged, and friendly staff of folks who can help with almost anything, from gear to software to theory to elbow grease.

They certainly helped me out tonight with an informal mod to my Bogen panoramic head (303 Plus), so that I could get the quick release plate directly over tripod center. This is just a small thing (some forearm strength, and witty banter) in a long line of things that any rep at Looking Glass would do to help out their clients. I'm fortunate that I can walk there (even if walking back home with a 9 foot roll of seamless isn't all it's cracked up to be), and I'm glad they're holding their own in the turbulent waters of a changing industry.

There you go -- my thanks to Looking Glass for this month. :-) Thanks y'all!