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Vancouver at Dusk by Randy Kosek.

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See you in Las Vegas

Some personal information about the conference in Las Vegas. I have been there more than twenty times (on business, I don't gamble), and have even stayed in the Tropicana (pre-renovation). I wonder if they still number the floors 1-12 then 24 and up, to make the upper floors seem higher, and of course to avoid unlucky 13?

I just booked my hotel room. Easy to do on-line, just be aware that their calendars show Monday as the first day of the week, not Sunday.

ACMB Website Showcases Advanced Photographic Services for New York Businesses and Schools

The newly redesigned ACMB website shows owners and managers of restaurants & bars, and the hospitality & real-estate industries, how to establish a commanding Internet presence that differentiates them from competitors, brings customers right to their door, and actively builds business. The same powerful photographic tools enable schools and universities to showcase their faculty, campus and student activities.

Virtual tour software: Panotour & Panotour Pro 2.0 are officially released

Kolor has just released the final version of Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 virtual tour software.
Discover Panotour Pro 2.0 and watch the presentation video
Discover the Livepano optional module for Panotour Pro 2.0

We designed this new version of Panotour following 3 principles:
- the quality of the tours created
- the ease of use of the software

Virtual Tour Parliament

I'm proud to announce my Virtual Tour of the Landtag in Düsseldorf, our regional parliament. Hope you like it.

The Best and Most Powerful Virtual Tour Software-Tourweaver 7.70 is Finally Released.

Dear IVRPA Friends:

Thanks for your elaborate test and prompt feedback, we finally release Easypano best virtual tour software Tourweaver 7.70 final version on time.


Both Flash and HTML5 player are dramatically improved to have a much smoother viewing experience. The players are recoded and totally new, enbles you to experience better interactive virtual tour on your PC, Mac, tablets and smart phones.

More Powerful

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VR Panorama of the Day: Skulpturenwoche 2

Location: Brunnen, Switzerland
Photographer: Dani Fuchs
Event: Culture

VR Panorama of the Day: The Fethipasa Wood

Location: Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, Turkey
Photographer: Nurcan Azaz
Event: International Year of Forests

Linking a 1940?s Radio to the Internet of Things

In the corner of our apartment we have an old 1940′s radio, picked up a few years ago the original valves had already been removed, leaving it modified with a then transistor radio. As such it made the perfect project to remodify and bring up to date via a mix of an embedded blue tooth speaker (in our case a Bose SoundLink) and a Philips Hue for the internal lighting.

Radio linked to Philips Hue

Radio linked to Philips Hue

Using our current favourite Internet of Things service – If This Then That – the front light in the radio can be linked to any number of data feeds (see out post on IFTTT, Netatmo & Philips Hue: Linking Data to Lighting), at the moment it changes colour according to the outside temperature. The movie below shows the link to the Philips Hue and the iPhone BBC Radio App (ignore the cat, it decided to take part in every example i filmed):

While in nature quite a basic modification, it does give an old radio case a new lease of life. The link to the Philips Hue for the internal lighting opens up a number of possibilities, along with the options to link the audio output to any number of rules via IFTTT.

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VR Panorama of the Day: Bible Garden

Location: Bremen, Germany
Photographer: Florian Bertzbach
Event: Gardens

VR Panorama of the Day: The Kanda Festival

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Photographer: Masato Ohta (heiwa4126)
Event: Best of 2013
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