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Habu Temple - ramp at second court leading to Third Pylon by SalmaElDardiry.

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Spinattic launches and receives positive feedback

Spinattic has launched, and so far so good! We've had an overwhelming list of positive feedback on our concept and execution thus far. We've had some great suggestions as well. Some we are already working on, and a few we hadn't thought of. Spinattic will be consistently incorporating community and member feedback into their development.

The Church of the Nativity in Arbanassi, Bulgaria

One of the most beautiful orthodox churches I've ever seen:
(Arbanassi, Bulgaria)

new member

I all, i'm a new member and i would like to introduce myself a little bit.
I'm a french professional photographer, i begun 25 years ago in french museum Le louvre in teledetection and scientific photography ( infrared, UV, Photogrammetry ... ).
In 93 i was in Bosnia covering the war for differents newspaper during 3 years.
I'm also a photography teacher in University, and my speciality now in 360 Virtual tours.
I like to explore new technologies, ans especially astro-photography.
Feel free to visit my site
and your comments are highly appreciates.

See you in Las Vegas

Some personal information about the conference in Las Vegas. I have been there more than twenty times (on business, I don't gamble), and have even stayed in the Tropicana (pre-renovation). I wonder if they still number the floors 1-12 then 24 and up, to make the upper floors seem higher, and of course to avoid unlucky 13?

I just booked my hotel room. Easy to do on-line, just be aware that their calendars show Monday as the first day of the week, not Sunday.

ACMB Website Showcases Advanced Photographic Services for New York Businesses and Schools

The newly redesigned ACMB website shows owners and managers of restaurants & bars, and the hospitality & real-estate industries, how to establish a commanding Internet presence that differentiates them from competitors, brings customers right to their door, and actively builds business. The same powerful photographic tools enable schools and universities to showcase their faculty, campus and student activities.

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VR Panorama of the Day: Traditional Darkroom ??????

Location: Beijing, China
Photographer: Jesse Lee ????????
Event: Forgotten Places

VR Panorama of the Day: Schimperbos

Location: Near Wolfhaag, Netherlands
Photographer: Bert Knops
Event: International Year of Forests

VR Panorama of the Day: US Route 66 Lava Flow

Location: In the Mojave Desert, West of Amboy, California, USA
Photographer: David Schaubert
Event: Best Of 2010

VR Panorama of the Day: San Francisco at Sunrise - Spring Equinox, 2004

Location: San Francisco from Treasure Island, California, USA
Photographer: Scott Highton
Event: The Original WWP

VR Panorama of the Day: Fishing Under the Orange Skies

Location: Rosedale Park, New Jersey, USA
Photographer: Alex Balako
Event: Color
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