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valens aquaduct by Mehmet Ozcan.

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VR Panorama of the Day: Newly Old Temple

Location: Suburban Beijing, China
Photographer: Jin Hai ??
Event: Time

VR Panorama of the Day: Waterless

Location: Murska Sobota, Satahovci, Slovenia
Photographer: Borut Bencak
Event: Food

VR Panorama of the Day: Mehmed Paša Sokolovi? Bridge in Višegrad

Location: Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photographer: Dean Karamehmedovic
Event: Best Of 2009

VR Panorama of the Day: Cancun Taqueria

Location: Berkeley, California, USA
Photographer: Sergio J Blandon
Event: Color

VR Panorama of the Day: Castle and Historic Center of Town Monschau in the Eifel

Location: Monschau,Germany
Photographer: Andreas Schniertshauer
Event: History

VR Panorama of the Day: Sunset at Number 9

Location: Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Empire, Michigan, USA
Photographer: Cary Ewing
Event: Best Of 2009

VR Panorama of the Day: Cherry Blossoms at Kawazu

Location: Kawazu, Shizuoka, Japan
Photographer: Rikuichi Kishimoto
Event: Best of 2006

VR Panorama of the Day: Handmade textile

Location: Puer, Yunnan, China
Photographer: Jesse Lee ????????
Event: Culture

VR Panorama of the Day: Czarny Staw

Location: The Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Poland
Photographer: Maciej G. Szling
Event: Elevation

VR Panorama of the Day: The Impossible Stairs

Location: Santa Clarita Studios, Santa Clarita, California, USA
Photographer: Pat Swovelin †
Event: Elevation

VR Panorama of the Day: Tappi Lighthouse - Part 2 ?????? ????

Location: Aomori, Japan
Photographer: Hironori Hagiwara
Event: Elevation

VR Panorama of the Day: Plaiting Palm Fronds

Location: Elche (Alicante), Spain
Photographer: Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano, PhD
Event: Diversity

VR Panorama of the Day: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan – Royal Institute of Technology

Location: Valhallavägen 79, Stockholm, Sweden
Photographer: Lennart Mollerstrom
Event: Best Of 2010

VR Panorama of the Day: Public Hot Spring Bathhouse

Location: Peitou, Taipei, Taiwan
Photographer: Walker Young
Event: Water

VR Panorama of the Day: Mountain Forest

Location: Retterschwangertal, Bavaria, Germany
Photographer: Markus Matern
Event: International Year of Forests

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year (Movie)

2013 has been quite a year for research  - the Smart/Future Cities discussion has moved forward with a notable pace, new setups such as the Future Cities Catapult  and the Smart London Report from the GLA are starting to drive the uptake. It has been a year of research around cities with multiple new grants, awards and PhD funding at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (home of digitalurban).

UCL Quad in the Snow London 2050

UCL Quad in the Snow London 2050

Of note in the literature is Mike Batty’s new book on The Science of Cities along with new papers in the CASA Working Paper Series – now up to number 194 and all available to download. We have launched a new MSc in Smart Cities and Urban Analytics as well as an MRes in Smart Cities to run along side the current MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation, opening up a number of new routes to gain a Masters Degree at CASA. As a note to the season, our Christmas Movie is below:

2014 brings with it teaching of the Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Headset on our Masters courses, new research into the emotions of cities and a continuation of everything cities at CASA – from all @CASA and @digitalurban have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year….


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Screens in the Wild

Screens in the Wild is a collaborative project initiated by researchers from the Space Group at University College London and the Mixed Reality Lab at University of Nottingham. It investigates how media screens located in urban space can be designed to benefit public life, rather than merely transmit commercial content.

Screens in the Wild

Screens in the Wild

The project is building a series of architectural interfaces in East London and Nottingham neighbourhoods, which use broadcast media and interactive technologies to enhance real world connections, add value to the daily experience of the urban environment, foster community participation and ownership of the urban space. In this project we are seeking to involve local organisations and residents as key partners in the creative development process.


It is one of our favourite projects out of the current Research in the Wild themes, The Screens in the Wild team includes: makers, architects, HCI designers, computer scientists, anthropologists, developers, artists and curators.

Find out more at

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The One Show – Pigeon Sim

One-Show-smallPigeon Sim is a Kinect powered, Google Earth linked, system to fly around live data – pulling in feeds from it was developed originally as part of an EPSRC funded exhibition project (ANALOGIES) in April 2012 by CASA Researcher George MacKerron (now Lecturer at the University of Sussex). It is now part of the ESRC funded TALISMAN project at CASA and Leeds where it is being further developed to link into the DISTANCE Internet of Schools project funded by the TSB.

As part of a wider segment on the BBC’s  One Show with a 4 minute documentary about pigeons by Mike Dilger and Adam Rogers the Pigeon Sim was wired up for a fly through by comedian Jack Dee. The clip below shows the system in action and our attempt of making sense of the whole thing on live tv:

The One Show was hosted by Chris Evans and Alex Jone and attracts audience ratings in excess of 4 million, the joys of live TV and technology should not be underestimated – it worked but with a full studio getting the Kinect to recognise a comedian in a pigeon outfit is challenging to say the least…..

You can fly Pigeon Sim yourself at the Almost Lost exhibition in Wellington Arch, London, from December 4th.

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