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Museum of Glass at Dusk by Randy Kosek.


Nothing like an emergency host move to get the juices flowing...

On januari 19, our then-current webhost Bluehost suspended our website due to 'excessive MySQL use'. All our sites, as well as the mailing lists (so in short, all our means of communicating with our membership) were shut down; a hard to miss 'notice' that we had outgrown the services Bluehost was willing to extend us at our shared hosting.

Gigapixels and giga headaches

Like Aldo and Ian, I have been working the last 8 months on an automated panohead to make gigapixel panoramas. I had some basic specs in mind, designig it:

3D Object VR witih Loreo

I've got an old Loreo 3D lens and just finished playing with it to create an object movie of a small paper kit frog I completed last year. I put the frog on a cheap ¥100 turntable and shot it with the Loreo lens. I was too close so I reshot everything to make the frog clearer. Loreo has a macro 3D lens, but I don't. Anyway, the 3D object movie is kind of neat. I put it together in The VR Worx 2.6.2.

It is visible here. If you don't have a Loreo viewer, you'll just see two rotating frogs:

My Panorama Workflow

I'm an amateur and likely always will be.

For shooting, I use a Canon 350D, Peleng lens, and NodalNinja 3. I shoot in RAW then make exposure and white balance adjustments in Canon's Digital Photographer Pro. I export as 16-bit TIFFs. Frequently I forget, but occasionally I run the TIFFs through Kekus' LensFixCI to remedy chromatic aberration before feeding them into a stitcher.

Candidacy statement submitted by Rob Gorham

Rob Gorham
Champaign, Illinois
Candidacy statement submitted by Rob Gorham

I ran for the IVRPA last year, but did not make the cut. Let me introduce myself again. I am an architect, member of the American Institute of Architects licensed in a number of states. I’ve been professionally active in the photographic VR arena since 1998 – we documented historically significant buildings, crime scenes, rock concerts and commercial Virtual Tours.

Virtual Photography Lens Comparison Nikkor 10.5mm VS Sunex 5.6 For Nikon d200

I began shooting virtual tours with the 360 one shot lens. When i heard about the FC-E9, i purchased it and the coolpix 8400. Although these solutions were ok, they weren't great. I then purchased the Nikon d200 and became a big fan. Now i have two of them.

For lenses i have the Nikkor 10.5mm 2.8 lens. Recently i purchased the Sunex 5.6 for Nikon and have been working with both of them.

End of Year Note

Just a quick note to all my IVRPA friends,
I will not be returning to the IVRPA board of directors
next year. I think it's good for me to take "leave" of
the IVRPA official duties and let others lead the organization.
It's been a great privilege to serve on the leadership of the
organization, but like all volunteer groups, it can be a challenge.
It's Time for a breather.

I hope many of you who know me will consider serving on the board,
and contributing to IVRPA -- to promote our work, to educate the public, and

event info : QTVR Diary -OFFLINE- in TOKYO : Dec13, '08 15:00~16:30

"QTVR Diary -OFFLINE-" is the seminor event that has held bi-monthly / 2nd Saturday / 15:00~17:00 @AppleStore,Shinsaibashi (Osaka/Japan) since last December.
This event presented by my weblog "QTVR Diary" (the latest info considering everythig about PANORAMA Photo/Movie from Kyoto, Japan and the World ).
In the first anniversary, I hold the event @TOKYO.




Date : December 13th , 2008 ( JUST 1 month ago!! )

The VR Photography Revolution

The VR Photography Revolution

Written by:

Daniel M. Paez

Media Studies 100
Media Technologies

Professor Kelly Gates
Spring 2007

The VR Photography Revolution

Photography exhibition in the Tate Britain Gallery (London)

I would love to show you what i was doing last week

Please let me know your opinions, as its a very exiting project for me, and I'm looking for any ideas for samples of how this equipment can be used, how ever strange or wacky the ideas may be.

All the best