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Pervocelinnikov Square (Kostanay, Kazakhstan) by Andrew Bodrov.


D700 + MC Zenitar-N 16mm f/2.8 Lens

The Zenitar-N mounted on Nikon D700.



Sample pictures with 100% crop from the border:



100% crop:

Panoramic view from the castle Burg Klopp in Bingen, Germany

Panoramic view from the castle Burg Klopp in Bingen, Germany

The castle was first build between 1240-1277 and destroyed during the 30 year war from 1618-1648,
rebuild and destroyed again in 1689. The castle as it is today was rebuild in 1875.

Click on the picture to open the panoramic view:

GPS2Aperture finally comes out of beta testing

GPS2Aperture Lite version 1.0.15 is now available, and isn't a beta! There's been a few tweaks and several bugfixes.

Work will now continue on the 'pro' version which will do geotagging from GPS log files. If you'd be interested in beta testing the pro version, please drop me an email.


Timelapse from the PanoTools meeting in Prague

I've not had much time to put together panoramas etc. from the Prague meeting, but here's a timelapse movie of one of the evenings eating at a local brewery.


Dog food and panoramas (new Flash panorama viewer!)

OK, so it's not _quite_ new, but it might as well be. :-)

PanoSalado has been through many revisions, and is now world-class (if not bullet proof ;) ).

What is it? The only open source Flash panorama player on the, er, market. "Open source" is often times a synonym for "free", no?. :)

Panosalado is being 'dogfooded' by myself, over at (links below), and should be visible in a couple of my client projects sometime soon (cool!).

Seattle Skyline from Elliott Bay

This is a panoramic image from the Seattle Skyline looking over the Elliott Bay.

Starting from the left are the snow covered cascade mountains with the Key-Arena in the front and the Space Needle to the right. The highest building in Seattle (black tower to the right) is owned by a large financial institution in Seattle. The right most small white tower, the Smith Tower, is one of the oldest buildings in Seattle.

Shooting data:
1/400s f/8,0 ISO 200/24° 50-150mm f/2,8G f=85,0mm/127,0mm

Personal website

I just wanted to mention that I have been putting up various full-screen panoramas I have taken at my current personal website, which will be valid for about 5 years (paid in advance):

Panoramic view from the top of the Lincoln Tower, Bellevue, WA

The north tower of Lincoln Square is a 28-story building in Bellevue, WA. The view to the west is to Seattle downtown in front of the cascade mountains.
The large building to the south is One Lincoln Tower (the south tower of Lincoln Square), a home to 148 condominiums and the Westin Bellevue, a 303 room hotel.

Panoramic view from the top of the Lincoln Tower, Bellevue, WA

Introducing 360desktop and looking to showcase photographer content

Hi Everyone,

A quick note to (re)introduce 360desktop, which after more than 3 years of development, goes into public (beta) release end next week.

360desktop transforms the desktop into a 360-degree workspace, personalized with 360-degree wallpaper.

While the product does some clever things like letting you to grab any web content and put it on your desktop, the key feature, is that your 360-degree background can now be your favorite pano.

PanoSalado, the open-source Panorama Viewer (Flash + PV3D)

Hi there:

Just a quick note to say that our open source pano viewer from has gotten its own blog -- this will make it much easier to update and keep folks updated about.

It's still living at, just with its own niche in the site.

Lots of changes afoot in the viewer recently, and astute readers will notice an increasing dependence on XML. We're trying to keep it friendly to both Flex and Flash developers, and to the novice coder and experienced alike. In any case, enjoy!


Blog at: