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The Walking Bridge at Wykagyl Country Club by Elizabeth Gentile.


Seattle Center Fountain, One shot Panorama

A circular 8mm Fisheye on a full frame 35mm Camera covers 180° horizontal and vertical. See how to make a panoramic picture out of that.

McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA

Located north of Seattle Center, the McCaw Hall is a performance hall and opera house.

While walking along Mercer St, I noticed a convoy guarded by police on motor cycles. Not that this is unusual here, but this convoy didn't seem to end. The convoy finally ended with 3 coach buses and a medical ambulance, while I snapped this panorama handheld.
Once they past, the almost empty Mercer street was opened again for traffic on Friday, June 18. 2010 at 2.35pm.

Click here
for the interactive 360x180 Panoramic using
VRlight showing the end of the convoy.

Virtual tour software for Mac OS X

Easypano has released Tourweaver Mac Starter, the first version of Tourweaver
that runs on Mac.

It is similar with Tourweaver 5.0 Professional for Windows, giving support to
various virtual tour components. 

Tourweaver Mac Starter can make virtual tours with:

Experiment with flashificator

Just thinkin about what wil be the next generation of new media wave. If something like this could be seen on the screen of mobiles like news report, than would be the success of 360s!

My shot with flashificator to standart VR-pano:
Old German Church in former Eastern Prussia now (1991) is becoming Russian Orthodox Church in Yantarniy Town.

Wonder how could I post the flashmedia pack like this to this website not by uploading but with xml, for exemple.

VRlight + VRedit 2.0

VRlight is a Silverlight based multi-platform solution to display virtual tours (VR) of 360x180 panoramic images.
Version 2.0 has a new editor VRedit for the configuration to create VR projects.

How to create a VR tour using VRlight and VRedit

Requirements: Webserver using IIS or Apache

Step 1

Tucson 2010 Update

Tucson 2010 - The International Panoramic Photography conference just started.

Here is the link to Jook Leung talk in PDF format:

Forgetful about settings

I spent the past couple of days in the Kansai area and two days shooting panoramas for fun in one part of Kyoto. It wasn't until the second panorama that I realized I had left the ISO at 800, which has resulted in much noise in the apex shot.

When around firearms, I am always careful to check everything beforehand. Perhaps I just need a camera that shoots in the firearm sense so I will be more careful in future.

Hello to all Pano Photographers

Hi To all of you and greeting from Ireland.
I'm happy I could join you community. Hope to learn a lot and share even more. I look forward to talk and listen to the critiques of my work ;) (only the reasonable ones..of course:-)
I'm just sorry I will miss Tuscon Conference> maybe next time I will have more luck...
Have a great day!

Computational Photography conference @MIT

The 2010 International Conference on Computational Photography
is at MIT, March 28-30, 2010. Anyone attending? I will be there.