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Hoover Dam :: USA by Sam Rohn.


New World Record - 26 Gigapixel Panorama online

Check this website to surf the big image:

Check how it was made here:

What you think?
Is it worthed?
Write your comments below.

Update: I just found another candidate to the world record:

PanoSalado 2: Flash 10 native pano player

Hi there:

Just a quick note to link you to the new version of PanoSalado, which is Flash 10 native!

It is zippy, clean, and can display "multi-resolution" tiled panoramas. See the demo and read the official blog for more info!

The next version of SpinControl:VR will be tailor made for use with PanoSalado 2.





Website performance boost

As I mentioned in my previous post, the site was bottlenecked by having the Apache/PHP and MySQL servers on two separate machines. This is the standard setup at Dreamhost; even if you have a PS, the mysql part is hosted on a different server. So even if you don't have to share a machine with other websites hosted on Dreamhost, you're still sharing their network latency when the Apache/PHP server is communicating with the MySQL server. On a typical non-cached page, the IVRPA site makes 200-400 queries to the database.

Patrimónios Expo at Palmela Castle

The reason why I have been quite busy lately was this:

My company produced this exposition for Palmela Castle about the history of the place from the middle age until present and this will be on display at St. James Church in Palmela Castle until summer 2010.

It involved working long ours for about a week and my team responded very well and we managed to get everything ready in time in the inauguration day.

List of 360º panoramas in 360cities from this expo:

Trouble in dreamhost paradise

Since the migration, the site has been having performance issues. While I had hoped that the site perfromed better with a newer version of Drupal, we're actually seeing worse performance.

Website migration progress

The IVRPA website is undergoing major maintenance work. We are updating our data structures in the process. Read the announcement for more information.

During the migration, the site is in a "read-only" state; you can not log in to the site to post content and/or make changes to your profile etc. The IVRPA mailinglist remain active. In this post, I will keep track of the progress of the actual migration.

Mon, 9:06AM

Balloon Fiesta Welcome Planet

The interactive version can be seen here.

Balloon Fiesta Welcome Planet

Yesterday's outage

I'm generally quite happy with the site here at Dreamhost. Even so, every now and then, the site(s) become(s) unresponsive and goes down. We're being told that our site was using up a lot of memory, which crashed the (private) server. After a reboot, most of the time the site works fine again.

Conference09 and... CuTy

It's been a bit silent, but that does not mean nothing has been going on ;-)

Yesterday, Matthias announced the website for panoramas and still images shot at the IAPP/IVRPA Alburquerque Balloon Fiesta. In the next few days, that site should be filling up with some nice panoramas shot by the IVRPA members attending the fiesta. It looks like a great event for VR panoramas.