Belfast 2019

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

Welcome to the Belfast 2019 IVRPA Conference!

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IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography &  Video Conference - June 10-13th, 2019 in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our 14th annual conference will feature 4 days of talks, workshops, panels, and exhibitors, where you will learn from and meet the key players at the forefront of the 360º VR industry.

Bring your pano rig and discover Belfast this summer. The city is vibrant with music and street theater. Discover unique shopping treasures, or indulge in award-winning markets and restaurants. Enjoy great nights out at some amazing rooftop bars and cozy pubs and catch up with friends and colleagues who happen to be the most talented people in the 360 space.


What’s in store?

B2match LogoThis year we will not only have our usual informative talks and workshops, but we will also have unique networking opportunities using b2match, a remarkably cool business matchmaking app that is practically synonymous with “business speed-dating”.

With b2match, matchmaking ensures opportunities to connect with other IVRPA professional members to potentially foster valuable business relationships. Profiling, matching, meeting requests, agenda setting, location reserving, follow-ups and evaluation are all part what b2match has to offer to help you make your time spent in Belfast well spent. You can even use this platform to do anything from offering your expertise on stereo panoramas, to finding work, to discovering the next director for your next VR production!

Pro Tip: Complete your profile on b2match today and start making connections before the conference!


Belfast 2019 News

Post---VR-cinema Space 800px02 VR Cinema Program – IVRPA Belfast 2019 - The VR cinema space presents some of the VR 360° films that were submitted from around the globe!  And you do not want to miss that amazing program! We are honored also to have the new 8K wireless Skyworth VR headsets along with other interactive experiences showcases. The VR cinema space will be open to… Read More
Ricoh-theta-z1-dng-lightroom-sam-rohn-00003 Professional Results From Theta Z1, DNG To Panorama Workflow - 360° Photographer Sam Rohn will guide the participants through the whole process, starting from the shooting techniques for best final results, as well as converting the raw DNG files, processing, and stitching the final image in order to let you achieve the full potential and very best results from the new Ricoh Theta Z1. Ricoh… Read More
Zakato IVRPA2019 Banner Stitching of Stereo 360º Panoramas - With broad experience in 360º stereo productions, Antonio has mastered stereo panoramic stitching. In this workshop, Antonio will show us his particular technique in dual-camera 360º stereo stitching, which is based not only on his acquired know-how but also on the research and development of fellow panoramic photographers. Stereoscopic stitching of 360º images can be… Read More
DB 8357 (1) 360 Content in Current Media - Producers of 360 photos and videos have been in the media for many years with mixed success.  Dominik Baumann, a staff photographer at the Swiss newspaper Blick has been producing the company's 360 content for the past ten years. His 360 videos of Swiss fighter jets inflight have gathered more than 16 million views through… Read More
Talk-banner-image Parallel Narratives in 360 Video - 360 video is often hard for people to follow because it’s produced using the ‘director’s gaze’ approach of traditional film-making, which leaves viewers unsure of where to look. This explores flipping the problem on its head: presenting narratives in multiple places at once, just as conversations happen simultaneously in real life. This project uses directional… Read More
Mistika-VR-Beta-Phase-Tutorials-2 -Interface Creating the Truly Immersive Experience: A VR Post-Production Workflow Overview - From basic operations to the most advanced techniques of 360º post-production, SGO Product Specialist and Mistika Expert User, Adrian Gonzalez will reveal how to create a truly immersive 360º video content using the very latest Mistika Technology based solutions - tools that are giving time back to the creative process. In this overview session, IVRPA… Read More
Belfast2019 Workshops Floorplans, Skins, and WebVR with Martin Hopkins - Martin Hopkins of Garden Gnome Software will be holding a series of workshops throughout the conference with a focus on learning the basics and building up to more advanced workflows incorporating Floor Plans in your tours, outputting for WebVR, and creating custom skins. Project media will be provided. Date and time for this series of… Read More
GoThru Gothru Progressive Web Applications – Innovative Technology, The Future Of Virtual Tours - At IVRPA Belfast 2019, Alin Bugeag of GoThru Media Inc. will be introducing a new technology for the virtual tours market: Progressive Web Applications (PWA) which can be described by having a web virtual tour to function like a native app. The content of the virtual tour automatically gets downloaded to the device, creating an… Read More
H2xr Title V3 Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality - What’s beyond the representation of the real world, beyond the simulation of an imaginary one? A deep immersion in new languages and possibilities of VR, in that place that’s between arts and sciences. Sabetta Matsumoto will guide us in worlds that are far away from our native perception experiences, thanks to an uncommon and rather… Read More
Belfast2019 Talk Pano2VR - Thomas Rauscher will present the latest features of Pano2VR version 6.   You’ll learn about new functionalities in the Skin Editor; Pano2VR’s powerful overlay editor that allows not only custom overlays but also custom instructions for interaction.             Thomas will show you how to best present your work in WebVR… Read More
Banner Image 800x400 Evolution Of Virtual Shop: From Concept To Commercial Product - How to bring the concept of virtual shopping to market as a viable, commercial product for the mainstream audience, and how to do it today. We will demonstrate how we managed to do just that, explaining the evolution of our approach through 3 different virtual shops we build. We will talk about what we learned… Read More
3d-audio-in-narrative-vr-800 400 Emotional Sound Design For Immersive Cinema - Why is 3D sound so important in narrative VR? In which part of the process should you start working with sound? How can VR sickness be addressed through clever sound work? Focusing on my experience with the 360 film "The Goldfish Theory" I'm going to present my experience with using Sound Design in VR story-telling.… Read More

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