Belfast 2019: Program & Speakers

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

The Belfast 2019 conference will be four days of superb talks and workshops.  They will cover a wide range of topics in the 360 VR photographic and video fields and deal with expert techniques and secrets as well as news and hands-on demonstrations of the latest software and hardware.

Remember, the IVRPA conferences are where the very best in the VR space meet to share ideas and help each other.

This schedule will be updated, and details changed as new speakers and workshops come aboard.

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Ignacio Ferrando

Ignacio Ferrando Abaco Digital

I'm a Spanish profesional photographer, I do 360 images since 1995... On the last years I have done many interesting projects in this area, especially on action panoramas of outdoor activities... Actually I'm working more with 360 Video.


Roy Horton Drone Photography

I specialise in aerial and ground 360 photography of landscapes, golf courses, architecture and buildings. I have pioneered the use of drones for new commercial uses of aerial 360 panoramas. My background for over 25 years has been the development renovation and construction of listed buildings, golf courses, leisure facilities, clubhouses and hotels. My love…

Yuqing Guo

Yuqing Guo

From Beijing, China, Yuqing Guo is a 360 VR photography maniac! Guo has given presentations about his work in 360 VR photography at Photoworld Magazine, a publication for which he has also written articles about panoramic photography. In 2018 and 2015, Guo won the Silver Award in the 360/VR category at the EPSON International Pano…

Federico Debetto

Federico Debetto

I'm a 360° content specialist, that means, a photographer specialized in 360° immersive photography and all its applications. Since 2014 I'm a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, and in 2015 I created the first Italian project of touristic promotion through Google Street View virtual tours. From that day I steadily work to improve this kind…


Banner Virtual Tours for Aerospace Manufacturing-   Jeremiah Scott will present several case studies in Virtual Tour applications at Boeing. Sharing an overview of the APEX team’s proven processes and several key components that have been critical to leveraging the traditional idea of a virtual tour as a vital tool instead of a “nice to have” item. Jeremiah will also share… Read More
2018-Epson-Pano-Awards-VR-Silver-4 Point & Shoot Cameras: 360 VR Photography Workflow- These days "point and shoot VR cameras" are all the rage. They can capture our everyday lives in 360 and make them memorable. More than just a passing novelty, the images shot with these cameras are easy to share and enjoyable to experience. I believe point and shoot VR cameras are especially compelling in tiny… Read More
KikoInsta Kickstarting Streetview & Transferring 360 Technology In African Regions-   I'm part of a group of Google Trusted Photographers together with Chris Du Plessis and Nickolay Omelchenko, from different countries convinced that adequate tourism promotion can help developing countries to increase work and therefore the quality of life. Follow this idea we have created the project Map Africa for good. The idea is to… Read More
RH Coast-3 Aerial 360 for Landscape Management- Using Drones at a height of 60m -120m to take 360 aerial panoramas for a variety of exciting emerging commercial uses. First emerging commercial use covered is countryside and coastal stewardship These linked 360 aerial landscape panoramas allow the user to moves through an area covering up to 2.5 kilometers. These include areas that are… Read More
44729786 10156287010234145 8340123630318911488 O 360 Frontier in Documentary and Journalism- Since I discovered 360 interactive photography in 1995, I haven’t stopped to work and investigate every related technology. Co-founder in 1998 of Abaco Digital, I have worked on hundreds of VR projects from 360 photography to stereo 360 video now. Among them I have worked on National Geographic, UNICEF, World Bank, and MSF; collaborating with some… Read More


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Matchmaking is like speed dating but for businesses and is typical at both large and small business events. It is used as a way to meet other attendees with the hopes of finding the right deals/partners/distributors, etc. These are one on one meetings that are short and organized.

Over the years, we’ve gotten feedback that there isn’t as much social time or time to connect as preferred. We aim to remedy this in Belfast. We hope to use this type of speed dating to help delegates meet other delegates, to help find a specialist for an upcoming project, to learn about products and services, in a more structured setting, etc.

For example, say you have an upcoming project that requires an experienced drone operator. There are some experienced drone operators at our events. This would help you find all the drone operators in attendance and even help you find the best one for your project. Likewise, maybe you’re a drone operator looking for work. This would be a good chance to show people your work and find a job you’d like to be part of.

How does it work?

When you go to purchase your ticket, you will create an account with the b2match service (which is not only is our ticketing partner, but also organizes these meetings), you can create a profile. This profile will let you add a little about yourself, relevant keywords, videos, and images. You’ll also indicate what kind of meeting you’re looking for (i.e., looking for 360 photo drone operators).

So, if you are a video producer, you would add something like this:

ABC 360 Video Producer

Expertise: Documentaries, Short Films

Looking for: Experienced Drone operator

This information is added to the “Marketplace.” Here, you can go through the list (and filter as necessary) to find all the drone operators (available for work) in attendance.

You will then select all the ones you wish to meet. The others can accept or decline your request. When accepted, the system automatically set a time.

Meetings can be changed and canceled at any time.

There will be a location at the event with several tables with numbers on them. Simply show up at this location, and look for your table.

All of this will be managed through the b2match website (also available for mobile).