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The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

Welcome to Tokyo 2018 IVRPA Conference!

Tokyo 2018 - IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference, May 28-31 2018
IVRPA journeys to Japan with our 13th annual 360° VR Photography Conference

Tokyo, Japan is the most populous metropolitan area in the world and has an eclectic mix of innovations in technology, science, and culture, and will now gather the talent and passions of VR/360º creators and developers for a conference not to be missed.

Our 13th annual Conference will feature 4 days of talks, workshops, panels, exhibitors and other events where you will learn from and meet the leaders of the VR industry.

Tokyo 2018 News

Old-skool-3d-cinema-audience-245vw3d Call for 360° Creations – Virtual Reality Presentation Space at Tokyo 2018 - Share your Virtual Reality Creations (360° Video) This year at the IVRPA 360° VR Photography & 360° Video Conference May 28-31 in Tokyo, Japan there will be a VR presentation space and we would love to show your work! In the VR presentation space attendees of the conference will have the chance to try HTC… Read More
Gsv Google Street View Announcements – Tokyo 2018 - Latest Innovations Directly from the Google Street View Team Join a member from the Google Street View team at Tokyo 2018 - IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference as attendees learn about a number of new Google Street View compatible publishing products and provides IVRPA members with a summary of the… Read More
Aleksandr-Reznik-workshop-banner Bracketed (HDR) Photography Workshop – Tokyo 2018 - Bracketed High Dynamic Range Photography Workshop Alexandr Reznik's Bracketed (HDR) Photography workshop at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will deal with different techniques for capturing and processing bracketed photos, a process often referred to erroneously by the term “HDR”. The workshop will consist of both theoretical and practical parts, covering the essentials of making and… Read More
Tokyo-banner-1600x800-GG Pano2VR 6.0 Floor Plans, Skins and Animations Workshop – Tokyo 2018 - Pano2VR is a tool to build virtual tours, upload directly to Google Street View, add interactivity to panoramas, patch nadirs, and lots more. The latest version of Pano2VR received major updates to the Tour Map, Animation Editor, and the Skin Editor, so this year at IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Martin Hopkins will be holding a… Read More
Amuz App Explore - James Zellmer Explore the World Using the Immersive Imagery App: Amuz – Tokyo 2018 - Jim Zellmer will demonstrate his new app at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. This app seeks to provide the best, most interesting, curated information to help people make decisions: Where should I go? What should I do? I have an afternoon free; what is interesting? How do you decide where to go? I've heard these… Read More
IVRPATOKBAR - Javi Baranano Rotational Stereo Panoramas Workshop – Tokyo 2018 - One Photographer, one camera, one 8mm lens, and a tripod is all that's needed to make a perfect stereo panorama. From pre-production to publication in just 15 minutes. After experiencing capture side by side, with different sensors, optics, and interaxial distances, we saw that the parallax is equal to the appearance of stitching errors. We… Read More
BANNER TOKIO IVRPA NEW Aerial Photogrammetry: 3D Structure Modeling and Mapping using Drones – Tokyo 2018 - Aerial Photogrammetry: 3D Structure Modeling and Mapping using Drones Eqdron and OrbitalVision have accomplished important projects in public and private sectors. Both of them have been the axis of digital campaigns of 360 interactive technology and aerial photogrammetry for advertising and engineering projects in several fields such as construction, precision agriculture, roads, historical heritage, etc.… Read More
Ww1 Donne-si-fa-storia - Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto Copy From Description to Communication: Enhancing Interactivity in Virtual Reality Imaging – Tokyo 2018 - Luca-Nicolò Vascon & Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatt will discuss using 360° highly interactive content to tell amazing stories, introduce users to immersive experiences, and involve them in the narrative through a path of discovery at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. Four examples of enhanced interaction, four stories are written in 360. These are 'time machines' that… Read More
Luc-Villeneuve-gigapixel-talk-02 - Luc Villeneuve Gigapixel Photography: Shooting to Delivery – Tokyo 2018 - Gigapixel Photography: Shooting to Delivery Learn from Luc Villeneuve at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference as he discusses some of the challenges and usages of shooting Gigapixel photography. He will detail his workflow to help inspire you in planning your own. Presented by:
190329 Cover Image 1800x600 Main V02 New Technology Innovations for Live Action Virtual Reality – Tokyo 2018 - The Development of Virtual Reality Content Involves the Innovation of New Technologies. Two promising technologies that could revolutionize the possibilities of creating and experiencing live action VR are volumetric capture and light-field technology. Both technologies are the focus of research activities INVR.SPACE and REALLIFEFILM are involved in. Until recently, as a user of interactive VR… Read More
Entaniya Entaniya Fisheye for Virtual Reality and New Fields – Tokyo 2018 - Introduction of Entaniya Fisheye and Proposal for Virtual Reality Use Cases Hiroaki Mukaiyama will introduce the use of Entaniya Fisheye for Virtual Reality and new fields at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. Are you choosing a camera with 360-degree only based on the resolution? The idea that something is high quality because it 8K or 6K… Read More
Ben Claremont BANNER - LIFE In 360 How To Crush It On Social Media With Your 360 Content – Tokyo 2018 - Life in 360 Social media has changed the game entirely for getting discovered as a creative. No longer does your short film need to be accepted into a film festival, nor your photo need to be published professionally for you to be ‘discovered’ by the world. In 2018 you can make a name AND career… Read More

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