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hi hani

Nodal Ninja 6 would be a good choice for 16mm on full frame Nikon like D850, would also work well with wider or longer lenses and other cameras etc


shooting a full 360° x 180° sphere on D850 (or other full frame DSLR) with 16mm fisheye requires 6 images around + up and down (zenith and nadir) shots, with D850 at full 46 mp resolution this results in equirectangular pano about 20k x 10k px, this is more pixels and larger file than required for most typical interiors in my own experience, most shops and hotel rooms etc are sufficient resolution around 12k px wide equirectangular, but a huge interior with important architectural detail or deep zoom cityscape or stadium or very large print etc you might want more pixels

also note that enough pixels today might not be enough in a few years time, so if your work may have any historical or other possible future interest etc shooting at max res is a good way to “future proof” your work, shoot at max res and downsize when rendering stills for stitching or final pano

if you used the nikkor 8-15mm fisheye zoom at 12mm, you can shoot with only 4 images around using a single row head + lens ring mount like nodal ninja R1, on D850 this results in final pano about 16k x 8k px, still more than enough for most typical interiors, and much quicker to shoot and stitch vs 16mm


i am currently shooting with nikon D850 + nikkor 8-15mm fisheye zoom myself, 12mm here gives me an easy workflow with great results, normally i shoot at 12mm with nodal ninja R1 as above, but i can also use same lens at 15mm on multi row head like NN6 etc if more pixels are desired

also see this page with a list of tutorials and other resources for 360 VR photography


thanks, and howdy from brooklyn ;)


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