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    I see that if you do virtual tours for companies that there is no problem to add them in Google street view and companies web site. But what about for real estate virtual tours? I want to add them to the company web site and few other web sites that real estate agents are using to sell on. Is this possible?

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    Sam Rohn
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    that would depend entirely on whatever RE site you were talking about, ultimately they would need to support content embedded in iframes, or otherwise have their own built in pano support


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    thank you very much Sam,

    im new at this, im making this for mine final school project. Are fisheye lenses a must to be or its good to have it? I will use Canon EOS 1200D + 18-55 IS II if it would be possible. I have to take more photos with this 18-55 IS II if i understand correcttly. But my budget is low for now.


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    I mean if its better to sell 18-55 IS II and buy one for cheap like around 200-300? thank you


    saul burgos
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    All online virtual tour system that I have seen use iframe to insert tour in any site. I guess that is the option that you need, just choose one and use the iframe code like Sam told you

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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