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    Hani Draye
    Hani Draye
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    I was approached by a client who saw my work on google maps, I gave him a qoute per pano for the tour, and he was asking about a qoute depending on total area and autocad/engineering stuff.
    I told himthat we guaratee satisfaction, and we estimate # of panos depending on shape of place not aarea, as a hall might require less panos while a passage might require more panos to show shops on both sides.
    Unfortunately he wanted the Autocad stuff, a competitor is using survey equipment and laser stuff to do measurements, i guess its more for impressing clients to charge more, but I maybe wrong.. Any input please.

    Jürgen Schrader
    Jürgen Schrader
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    So what does that really mean?
    Doing tours with photogrammetry? Doing tours with CAD data?
    I know at least of one dedicated systems for that, but the price range goes towards 6 figures and it is an advantage if one has experience in the field of documenting large (really large) facilities and/or facility management.

    Jürgen Schrader
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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