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    Wayne Ooi
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    Hi I am new in 360. I am doing some research on 360 videography. Wondering anyone here knows whether the blind spot problem can be solved during the stitching or has another methods such as shooting twice or doing any setting before the shoot.



    Sam Rohn
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    assuming you mean an area in a 360° spherical video that is not covered by cameras, it is really dependent on your shooting set up, how many cameras, focal length, rig configuration, parallax issues etc

    freedom360 gopro mount has a very minimal to non existent blind spot where the rig attaches to pole, other options might have a larger dead zone not covered by camera which might be hidden with a nadir logo etc



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    Luc Villeneuve
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    There is many videos, some being reserved for paying members of IVRPA which could probably help you getting up to speed. So become a Professional member. http://ivrpa.org/members/join-ivrpa/

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