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    my name is António Araújo, I do research on spherical perspectives and VR panoramas at Aberta University, in Portugal. I just registered and was wondering if anyone here is interested in drawing spherical perspectives, either “fish-eye” (azimuthal equidistant), equirectangular, or others, by hand or with elementary tools such as ruler and compass. If so, do say hello and let me know what you work on. :)

    In case you are working in the subject or just curious: I just published a method to do 360-degree fisheye (azimuthal equidistant) perspective by ruler and compass, in the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. The publisher has made the paper free access until the end of August, so for now you can download the pdf for free, here:

    Ruler, Compass and Nail: Constructing a Total Spherical Perspective

    Also I published another paper on how to do equirectangular perspectives by hand, with a method which is not as pretty,  but is rather practical to transform into a VR panorama since, as you all know, equirectangular is the standard format for VR visualization. That paper you can download at your leisure since it is permanently free access:

    Drawing Equirectangular VR Panoramas with Ruler, Compass, and Protractor

    The point in both papers is to be able to find and draw all lines and vanishing points almost as easily and precisely as in classical perspective, therefore expanding the drawing methods of both artists and architects. The point is not to do away with the computer but to interact with it in interesting ways that enhance traditional drawing instead of replacing it.

    Anyway, enough with the shameless plug :); if you are doing any work on the field or are just interested in chatting about it then let me know.

    All the best,


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