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    Francesc Cubillo Bueno
    Forum Member

    Hello !
    lately I see many panoramas including an image 360 taken from a drone .. anyone has experience with this technique?


    Luc Villeneuve
    IVRPA Professional Member

    Hi Francesc,

    Of course IVRPA has many members having experience with drones. What are you looking for?

    Luc Villeneuve
    Professional Photographer

    Mario Carvajal
    Mario Carvajal
    Forum Member

    Francesc… In this masterclass, you can see the postprocess of stitching an aerial panoramic picture. I used Phantom 2 for this pano.

    (Video is in Spanish language)

    The final result is this: http://www.wikibeachrealestate.com/360/thejills/219/


    Miley Brown
    Forum Member

    Yeah I have made my home’s drone model.. A well designed virtual tour of my home space.. You can check for reference http://www.mantis3d.com/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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