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    Hayden Bradley
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    Giroptic is your best choice if you’re looking for a feather-weight portable camera to jot down moments your life, and don’t demand too high of video quality. It’s super easy to work with, and is an affordable addition for those who want to build a killer feed on social media.

    mobile-friendly camera, Giroptic iO


    Lightweight, handy and portable;
    Intuitive features make the camera incredibly easy to use;
    Real-time image processing and uploading to major social media; supports 360 livestreaming to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope, for you to interact with your followers;
    Cloud Sync to iCloud and Google Photos makes your content available across devices;

    Video quality rests at a mediocre 1080p because of the camera’s diminutive dimensions. Still images are able to reach 4K. Low resolution is a two-edged sword, at the expense of losing some footage quality, Giroptic conveniently stitches your footage up and saves it on your phone, which saves a ton of time;
    Overheats after 15 minutes of continued shooting. Recommended countermeasure is to cool it off regularly to preserve the battery;
    Unlike its Android counterpart, the iOS version lacks touch exposure and image filters;
    The camera is mounted through the charging port, which means you will have to operate your phone upside down.

    to read the full review for Giroptic iO


    saul burgos
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    Days ago I post your link on the facebook account of paneek, because I saw interesting for my users. But now some users are asking me if I sell it or where if this device is available on their countries.

    I have spent some time checking your website and the information of delivering or in which country a user could buy it is not clear.

    I wrote you this because you should take care about this information and improve your website

    Create virtual tours for free in minutes without programming skills with Paneek. Fronted Web developer and Founder of paneek. info@paneek.net


    Hayden Bradley
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    Thanks very much for your kind suggestion, we will pay attention to the information.

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