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    Sindre Hatlem
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    Hi, I’m making a 360 degree movie as an school project, and I need help. I have all the recordings and everything is ready to be made into a 360 degree video, but I cant do it, I’ve tried everything and all the different cameras does not match. Can anyone help me? if someone want to put it together for me that would be amazing. I can send the clips.

    Also tomorrow I have an interview with Tv2, which is a huge media company in Norway, I need to have it done by tomorrow, and I will be using an Oculus rift to view the video..



    Luc Villeneuve
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    Well, obviously, you are going to be quite busy until your interview. You should review this page. It’s probably the best advice you can get.


    Luc Villeneuve
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    Sindre Hatlem
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    Hi, Thanks for replying, I’ve come far since I posted this. But I seem to have one problem, When I stitch the video together there are some spots where there is missing pieces of the image. Anyone know what that is?

    PS It’s not done.


    Sam Rohn
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    could be either bad camera setup, as in cameras were not properly oriented to cover entire sphere, or bad stitch where images are not joining properly and need some manual alignment, or possibly both


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