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    Hey Guys,

    I am having trouble completing my Idea and I am desperately looking for serious help.
    I was planning on making some 3D (stereoscopic) 360° Panoramas which are useable in my HTC Vive for a University Project and managed to make some good progress.
    Bought a Ninja MK3 Pano-Head (https://panosociety.com/collections/panoramic-heads/products/nodal-ninja-3-nn3-mk3-nadir-rotator) and a Mulit-Row Stereo Attachment (https://panosociety.com/products/nodal-ninja-dual-camera-multi-row-stereo-attachment-for-nn3-mk3-and-nn6) for that.
    I did some Test-Sphere Panos und PTGUI and it worked just fine. Since some online manuals recommended PT3D for stitching those stereoscopic Panos I wanted to try it but I cant register an Account on the homepage (http://panini-pro.com/PP_License/PP_licLogin.php) to test/buy the software. I tried 2 Email of mine and even contacted the support via Email but nothing worked out.
    I know there are 3D Cameras that can do all that with just one click, but since I am trying to use my Equipment, trying not to spend too much money and find a workflow with my 2 Canon 5D m2`s, I would like to stick to this Method.
    So here are some Questions i can´t find an answer to:
    Is there even a way with my Setup to get a 3D 360° Panos working inside my HTC Vive?
    Is there a alternative to PT3D or PTGUI?
    Is there a software for viewing 3D 360° Panos (currently using VR Photo Viewer from Steam Store)
    I´m also trying to find an easy solution for shooting none-pano stereoscopic Pictures like Portrait or Products, but VR Photo Viewer has a fixed distance to the Image and in most cases the Picture shown is just to large and i would like to move it back. Also i cant quite figure out how to point out my Cameras correctly.

    I really hope someone can help me with my project and answer me here or via Email: Odvin@hotmail.de

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