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    yeung ka ho
    yeung ka ho
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    How can i shooting the best of inside car 360 panorama image?




    Luc Villeneuve
    IVRPA Professional Member

    Use a reliable workflow and professional gear. If you want to do that for a commercial work, I would suggest to hire someone who has experience because you will need some.

    Did you try to create one panorama inside a car? If not, you should try first, post your panorama and ask questions about specific problems you got like light, problem with nadir, unstable equipment, etc.

    I cannot answer with 1 +2 =3

    Luc Villeneuve
    Professional Photographer


    Sam Rohn
    IVRPA Director Member webmaster

    shooting 360° spherical panoramas inside an automobile or similar small space requires practice and experience, your no parallax point must be set precisely, you focus and depth of field must be carefully controlled, you may need some bracketing to compensate for very bright or dark areas, etc

    see the IVRPA tutorial page for a list of 360° panoramic photography tutorials, most of these questions will be answered here, including a few links with tips on shooting car interior panoramas



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    yeung ka ho
    yeung ka ho
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    thanks Luc Villeneuve & Sam Rohn

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