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    Good day ladies and gents,

    I couldn’t really tell where I should do a proper introduction post, but I will do so in the future.

    I was wondering if any of you are willing to share/debate some desktop computer configurations that you are using to edit/assembly your panos.

    At this moment I am at an early stage of my business plan that I hope to make it happen really soon. I need to do my budgeting chapter and I was wondering if what I plan to do is unreasonable.

    I will start with a setup that I had in mind studying different articles and posts on various forums about this:

    Dual 27″ 4K monitor setup, a single RTX 2080Ti video card paired with a Intel i9-9900K, 64GB of memory and a pair of NVMe SSDs, and of course the rest of necessary peripherals.

    Please, chime in.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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