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    I have several GoPros that I use for different applications. A friend just requested I film a 360 of his band playing at a venue. Having only a passing familiarity with the 360 gopro options from seeing the frame setups in pics online, my initial reaction was sure will just cost me a few bucks for the frame and software. But now that I have researched it further I find that the stitching software people are using is quite expensive. $300+ is quite a bit more than I was hoping to spend for one project for a pal. Don’t get me wrong I don’t doubt the high end software is worth the money for amazing stitches in professional video.

    So my question to you guys: is there a more affordable (preferably Mac) software to do 360 stitching that I am just missing? Would only be 360 horizontal (4 cameras), and does not have to be the best, as the result will most likely just be shared online, but I would like it to look decent enough that it could be viewed on a big screen if they wanted to.


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    Hugin is a free high quality panorama stitcher, you can export your gopro clips as still frames, then use hugin to batch stitch these frames, and then convert the stitched frames back to video as desired



    but, modern 360° video stiching apps like kolor autopano video and video stitch also allow you to eaisly maintan proper timeline synch when stitching the clips, masking control to avoid weird ghosting near edges of frames and maintaining proper projection and aspect and format and exif etc plus many other time saving advantages vs the hugin batch option


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    Charles Saunders
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    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated.

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