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    Marc Lucas
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    Hi All

    Really great to of found this forum!

    I have just purchased the Nodal Ninja RS-2-NOR with and using a lens clamp with a Sigma 8mm fisheye on a Nikon D800
    I’m successfully finding the nodal point but the only way I can do so is by adjusting the camera that far back on the swiss area clamp that the lens sees the side of the lens clamp. This can’t be correct so what am I potentially doing wrong or what can I do?
    Many thanks


    Marc Lucas
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    Link to image


    Sam Rohn
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    i have not used that particular combination, but if the arm is in an area that is covered by another image it should all be good, have you tried stitching them all together ?


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    Marc Lucas
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    It actually works OK when the lens cap attachment is on the lens so I’m using like that now. Thanks for the reply.

    Thomas Sharpless
    Thomas Sharpless
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    Can you reverse the lens ring so the foot sticks back?

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