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    Hi guys

    What do you consider the optimal equi rectangular size for your 360s?

    I have a few different lenses and setups here and they produce three different final sizes.

    14608 x 7304 (Micro 43 using a Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm f/3.5 Lens)
    10674 x 5337 (Micro 43 using a Meike 6.5mm)
    8528 x 4264 (Nikon D600 using a Sigma 8mm lens)

    My largest image requires the most work as the Panasonic fisheye is a fullframe fisheye (6 horizontal + 1 nadir + 1 zenith OR 6 horizontal at 15 degree up pitch and then 6 horizontal at 15 degree down pitch)
    The second largest requires less shooting as I can do 4 horizontal shots
    The smallest requires just 3 horizontal shots

    So I’m constantly undecided as to wether I want less time on site and less post production Vs a large (better image) or wether I want to end up with the best quality image :-/

    Normally I’d always aim for the highest quality finished image but I’ve started to do a few tours and Google Streetview tours where the recommended distance between each image is recommended as

    indoor 360 photos within two small steps of each other (1 m / 3 ft).
    outdoor 360 photos within five steps of each other (3 m / 10 ft).

    In any reasonably sized space, that requires me to shoot and move, shoot and move shoot and move etc
    It’s very unlikely that I’d have the time (or budget) to produce a medium sized tour with the work involved in my largest equi.

    Any thoughts? Whats your preferred final equi size and whats your process and gear to achieve this?

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