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    I have been considering creating 3d (true) stereo panoramas for Cardboard compatible headsets; however, as I am looking into this I am wondering why I am not seeing too many others offering this service when I query for this in Google.  So, I decided to research whether perhaps there are patents in the U.S. that might be the cause of this, essentially prohibiting anyone from offering this as a service.   I am seeing that there are apparently many patents in some way related to stereo panoramas for head mounted devices, but not being a lawyer and not having expertise in patents in particular, I am not sure what I am reading when I see this documentation on the web.   I am hoping others more knowledgeable than I might know whether there are patents in the U.S. that would prohibit me or others from creating true stereo panoramic content for the web (virtual tours containing this content for Cardboard, etc.).  Also, if there is no patent issue involved, I am curious as to why I am not finding very many others offering this type of service.  Any thoughts anyone?


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    many people do offer this service, but the simple answer is: because creating good high quality stereo panoramas is not easy ;)


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    Thanks Sam for responding! I am about to start teaching myself. Wish me luck! :-)

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