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    Tony Bacewicz
    IVRPA Professional Member

    I have a real estate investor client who wants virtual tours to help sell his properties in the U.S. What is the best way to get virtual tours online to show along with the seller’s listing photos? Some years ago I signed on with Picture Path which gave me a pipeline to Realtor.com listings, but it appears that pipeline is no longer functioning.

    In know there are various real estate virtual tour companies out there that provide a pipeline for subscriber/members but I hope to find a simple solution to show virtual tours for my client’s listings with minimum or no fee to 3rd party providers. Is there a way to do this?


    Sam Rohn
    IVRPA Director Member webmaster

    i dont think any of the major RE listing sites currently support direct 360 Pano uploads, but this may change soon as 360 VR is becoming more mainstream

    zillow seems to have 360 tour plans, but phone panos only (low quality)

    matterport also has some presence in RE market, and matterport image quality has improved since a few years ago, but still not comparable to shooting with a real camera and having the ability to correct and improve the images in photoshop etc, or choose which hero images to feature vs navigating a maze to find the one view that makes the sale etc

    otherwise, some realtors are buying their own inexpensive all in one 360 camera and shooting 360vr tours themselves, so presumable some of the RE listing sites are now looking at supporting 360 too

    you could also host your panos on 360 pano hosting sites like roundme (free or paid pro account) or similar services, and link to that from RE listing

    or upload interiors and exteriors to google street view (formerly google trusted photographer business view etc)

    however, if your client is an investor or developer vs an RE agent, they may appreciate a custom made tour perhaps on their own micro site with custom domain etc, this makes for better presentation both online and in person vs a typical messy RE site listings with competing properties etc ;)

    Sam Rohn :: New York City
    360° Panoramic Photography :: www.samrohn.com
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    Tony Bacewicz
    IVRPA Professional Member

    Thank you for your reply Sam. More than I had hoped for. I’ve signed on to Roundme and also shoot Google StreetView for businesses. I thought Google StreetView prohibited real estate for sale on maps listing but this may have changed. Thanks again. Tony

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