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    Andrew Wheeler
    Andrew Wheeler
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    Hi all,

    I created a virtual tour of a tailor’s workshop with Pano2VR Pro which works fine when I output it initially, but when I put it on a server and view it remotely, 2 of the photospheres out of 4 are faulty. They are the one at the back (Salon d’essayage – dressing room) : the image is all grey; and the one closest to the exit: floor is a large grey square and so is the ceiling.

    Here is the link :


    Any ideas about how to prevent this??

    Thanks for any enlightenment!


    Andrew Wheeler


    Sam Rohn
    IVRPA Director Member webmaster

    i did not see any grey tiles in your tour, maybe a temporary loading error in your browser, try clearing cache etc



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    Andrew Wheeler
    Andrew Wheeler
    Forum Member

    Hi Sam,

    I figured it out, for some reason the tour loaded badly on the server and there was some info missing.

    I reloaded the tour on the server and it worked fine.

    Thanks, we can close the thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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