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    Hemant Chabria
    IVRPA Professional Member

    Hi – I was using theta s , but the images seem to have grains due to limited resolutions , I am waiting for the samsung gear or Nikon keymission, IRIS 360 is expensive , Please advise on any alternative ??

    Hemant Chabria


    Sam Rohn
    IVRPA Director Member webmaster

    for inexpensive single shot all in one spherical panoramic cameras with no nadir hole, Ricoh Theta S is the only choice right now, march 2016

    kodak pixpro SP3604k only covers 1/2 sphere, 220°, so 2 cameras back to back or rotated for 2-3 shots will produce good results and slightly better resolution than theta

    iris360 is not inexpensive as you noted, and giroptic, panono, nikon keymission 360, samsung gear 360, LG 360 Cam, etc are not yet shipping to consumers as far as i am aware

    but if you really want professional results w good resolution and minimal noise etc, you would use a DSLR or good mirrorless camera + fisheye lens + spherical panorama head like nodal ninja or bushman panoramic


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    Tim De Sterck
    Forum Member

    Hope you tried the gear 360. It is a very good solid device and is superior in every way to the Theta S


    Hemant Chabria
    IVRPA Professional Member

    Yes …It is much better in clarity and all aspects

    Hemant Chabria


    Dejan Gajsek
    Forum Member

    I wrote this roundup article back in April where I check the viewer comments on Amazon and other ratings. I think it’s still relevant today: http://www.viarbox.com/2016/06/08/ultimate-list-virtual-reality-360˚-spherical-cameras/

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