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    Sergio Eschini
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    I’m new in the spherical world photography, I’d like to buy a lens for spherical 360×180 photography and to become a Google Street View trusted photographer. For my budget for begin I thinking to buy a Samyang 8mm 3,5 with hood removable and a canon 6D or 5D mk2, but in an article of 2013 I’ve read that Google not allow anymore the Samyang lens for trusted photographer program. I don’t find nothing of explicit about this on Google website, please anyone confirm this?

    Thank you


    Sam Rohn
    IVRPA Director Member webmaster

    there are no restrictions to what sort of camera or lens you may use to shoot google street view panoramas, but pixel dimensions must be as follows –


    At least 14 megapixels (5,300 by 2,650 pixels) and at most 72 megapixels (12,000 by 6,000 pixels) with a 2:1 aspect ratio.
    In jpeg format.

    see this page for more info



    Sam Rohn :: New York City
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    Sergio Eschini
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    ok thank you for clarification


    Ty Hurd
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    I know this is a little late, but for anyone looking into DSLR use, on a full frame I would recommend the Samyang/Rokinon (same company/lens, different names) 12mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Fisheye Lens. I tried the 8mm and it was too soft, especially around the edges. The 12mm is great.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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