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    This is my first posting in this forum, and kind of a unique request.
    I am a Crime Scene photographer, and have been looking into virtual tours as a method of brining scenes into the courtroom. This would be scenes that do not meet the threshold of using an actual scale mapping device (such as a Faro), and would be for presentation purposes only (in other words, not to scale).
    I believe the Samsung 360 would be the best and easiest for myself and other members to use, however the post-production software and final product is what I am posting about.
    Given privacy issues, content of images, etc., I cannot upload images to a website as a final product. Does anyone have experiences with software that creates stand-alone tours which can be distributed either on a drive or DVD? I was looking into 3DVista software, but wasn’t sure if there were others.
    Any advice or information would be appreciated.
    Many thanks.


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    samsung gear 360 is garbage. its cheapest on market by long way, so if tiny budget is key, then so b it.

    MUCH better options would be ricoh theta s (ok), YI360 (better), garmin virb 360 (best).

    personally, i prefer to create standalone vr tours manually, using pano2vr. for more automated workflow, i like kolor panotour best.



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    Great advice Budd, and I thank you for it.
    Budget is key, so I will have to stick with the Samsung, I’m afraid. Right now we are experimenting with this technology so to dive in isn’t feasible at this point.
    One additional question, however …
    I noticed that with Kolor, in order to view and watch the off-line tour you have to download the viewer. Is this the same with pano, or does it export as a self-contained tour?
    Reason I ask is because anything I create simply won’t be posted or uploaded at this point – and will only be shared within the justice system.


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    pano2vr exported tours do not need viewer. totally self contained. just need web browser to view the offline html5/flash.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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