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    Bartosz Krawczyk
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    I make same tour in appartment using panoramas with resolution 18’966 x 8608. I thing it is to much. Weight of one panorama is about 100mb. When I upload tour on web serwer it work little slowly. I would like do resize this panoramas. Whot will be enough resolution of panoramas for inside appartment tour ?
    Do you think 9000×4000 will be enought ? My last tour weight 1.36gb , I thing it is to much.


    Bartosz Krawczyk
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    I was thinking about some other issue. It is better to make photos in full resolution to make proces of glue together each photos more easy for Autopano and downsize just final panorama or maby make downsize each photos before processing by Autopano ?


    Sam Rohn
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    for me, around 12k wide equirectangular is usually more than enough for most normal interiors like typical apartment, unless you need or want more resolution for zooming in on architectural details like in a church or small items in a shop or museum etc

    stitching smaller images vs downsizing final pano, result is probably pretty close in the end either way, you should try both and see which is faster on your computer

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    Stephen Dyer
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    The optimum image size is 13312 x 6656. Might sound strange but Panotour uses 512px tiles. Same for Google street view.

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    saul burgos
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