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Insuide Hamata Island - Red Sea, Egypt by Pietro Madaschi.

BASE jump at Montrebei (Pared de Aragón)

BASE jump at Montrebei (Pared de Aragón)

The wall of Aragon, in Montrebey, is well-known by the climbers, but also for a minority of sportsmen: BASE jumpers. With a height of a little more 400 meters and overy step, it is the ideal scene for this activity. At the moment they use to wear suits with wings that they allow to extend to the planning and flight time. Errors are not allowed.

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Re: BASE jump at Montrebei (Pared de Aragón)

Very cool and excellent capture! Congratulations.
Only could beat that with a lower sun position ;)
Keep 'em coming.


Jürgen Schrader
IVRPA Director