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Konstantin Andreev Konstantin Andreev IVRPA Sponsor Member Moscow, Russia
Kristin Bidoshi IVRPA Associate Member United States
Ken Butt Ken Butt IVRPA Professional Member Q-Linear Ltd St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Kevin Yuchi Chan Kevin Yuchi Chan IVRPA Professional Member DomainGroup Communications San Jose, California, United States
Kay Christy Kay Christy IVRPA Professional Member ConceptGirl Bethesda, MD, United States
Kyle Giesbrecht Kyle Giesbrecht IVRPA Professional Member Edmonton, Canada
Katherine Gooding Katherine Gooding IVRPA Professional Member Soundview360 Seattle, Washington, United States
Ken Ishimoto Ken Ishimoto IVRPA Sponsor Member Entapano Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Kazuhiro Kageyama IVRPA Professional Member Japan
KC Lai KC Lai IVRPA Sponsor Member iZugar Studio Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Konstantin Lamin Konstantin Lamin IVRPA Professional Member Moscow, Russia
Karyn Laudisi Karyn Laudisi IVRPA Website Editor Garden Gnome Software Vienna, Austria
Keith Martin Keith Martin IVRPA Webmaster London College of Communication London, London, United Kingdom
Kim Matlock IVRPA Associate Member United States
Kirk Membry IVRPA Professional Member Moss Creek Media New Hampshire, United States
krpano krpano IVRPA Sponsor Member krpano Deutschkreutz, Burgenland, Austria
Kay-Uwe Rosseburg IVRPA Professional Member Hamburg, Germany
Kenji Tanaka IVRPA Professional Member Japan
Kimmo Turtiainen IVRPA Professional Member Finland