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Santa Barbara Harbor Breakwater Sunset by Bill Heller.

2nd Chat for IPIX Photographers, 12 September 2006

A second chat for IPIX photographers and those using IPIX images will be conducted on
12 SEPTEMBER 2006, (TUESDAY) at the following times: These times were set up
to accommodate European participants, but all IPIX photographers are invited.

15:00 UTC/GMT
4:00PM -- London
5:00 PM -- Paris
11:00AM -- New York City
8:00AM -- Los Angeles

Location: AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

One confirmed participant was UK reseller of IPIX products.

The transcript of our first chat is available on the IVRPA website:

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here's the chat location

AOL instant mesenger: chat29233434252551059023


log of 2nd IPIX chat -12 September 2006

ivrpachat (11:11:41 AM): I'm Mike Quan, president of the IVRPA. Welcome to this chat.
Trogdor1178 (11:11:48 AM): or his predecessor
ivrpachat (11:12:00 AM): can we take a few minutes to have everyone introduce themselves.
I am Yoda 2005 (11:12:03 AM): I think it was John
ivrpachat (11:12:16 AM): (remember you can do a PRIVATE chat too...)
ivrpachat (11:12:26 AM): virtualabq?
ivrpachat (11:12:32 AM): please start.
ivrpachat (11:12:49 AM): foolgrow?
badders360 (11:12:56 AM): Hi I'm Andrew Baddeley, Head of Immersive - NMI Security plc. We are the UK/European resellers for IPIX photography producs
dompouliquen (11:13:00 AM): Hello, I'm Dominique Pouliquen, REALVIZ co-founder & CEO
Virtualabq (11:13:03 AM): I'm Doug Aurand in Albuquerque, NM I'm an iPIX Virtual Tour Photographer using iPIX Interactive Studio
taugwalderCH (11:13:28 AM): As said before, Matthias Taugwalder from Switzerland - just here out of general interest
FoolGrow (11:13:35 AM): I'm George Row I am just an interested observer where iPIX is concerned I make QTVRs
Trogdor1178 (11:13:42 AM): I am Mark Blanton former IPIX Director of Sales, immersive Photography
Ford Oxaal (11:13:49 AM): Ford Oxaal here, Minds-Eye-View, Inc.
ivrpachat (11:14:16 AM): OK, thanks. I see we have a good field here!
ivrpachat (11:14:34 AM): I've had a bunch of IPIX photog email me and ask for help.
Trogdor1178 (11:14:54 AM): In what way?
Virtualabq (11:15:01 AM): Help getting in the chat or help with VR Imaging
ivrpachat (11:15:08 AM): Can we definitively state here (1) what about the dongles? (2) are ipix images "safe" ==will they last?
taugwalderCH (11:15:14 AM): (be right back)
Trogdor1178 (11:15:20 AM): yes they will
badders360 (11:15:24 AM): I can answer that
Trogdor1178 (11:15:33 AM): if they were created with I Studio or REW
badders360 (11:15:48 AM): The dongles are safe
ivrpachat (11:15:55 AM): expiration dates?
Trogdor1178 (11:16:03 AM): and you can still renew your license through the sotre
badders360 (11:16:12 AM): the expiry is based on the license not on the dongle
badders360 (11:16:20 AM): nothing is written to the dongle
Virtualabq (11:16:24 AM): Also, for real estate photographers, Homestore will continue accepting iPIX images
Trogdor1178 (11:16:28 AM): nope IPIX stopped doing expiration dates on .ipx files after Ipix wizard
badders360 (11:16:43 AM): so if you license expires in 2 months then your software stops working
Virtualabq (11:17:02 AM): You can extend your license in the iPIXStore, I did it a week after the bankruptcy
ivrpachat (11:17:10 AM): you say the IPIX site is still taking money?
badders360 (11:17:10 AM): but the images you have produced will not expire
ivrpachat (11:17:37 AM): can anyone confirm the IPIX site is taking orders TODAY?
badders360 (11:17:57 AM): what I can confirm is we are able to process orders for customers
ivrpachat (11:18:10 AM): through the IPIX store?
Trogdor1178 (11:18:20 AM): sure it
Trogdor1178 (11:18:23 AM): is*
Virtualabq (11:18:23 AM): The special master for the bankruptcy has a responsibility to take in as much money as he can to settle the debts.
badders360 (11:18:36 AM): yes, but not for new licenses
Virtualabq (11:18:50 AM): I think you can only extend a license
Virtualabq (11:18:59 AM): Not creat a new one
badders360 (11:19:16 AM): if anyone in interested they can call our sales on +44 870 351 6492 or email
ivrpachat (11:19:26 AM): clarification: only EXISTING licenses can be extended via the IPIX website?
badders360 (11:19:37 AM): from my side, yes
Virtualabq (11:19:55 AM): That's all I know about because I extended my license to Sept 14 2008
Trogdor1178 (11:19:59 AM): I have only gotten confirmation of renewals
ivrpachat (11:20:15 AM): what about the Real Estate sites? Who is still accepting IPX?
ivrpachat (11:20:22 AM): IPIX?
badders360 (11:20:25 AM): do you mean the images?
Trogdor1178 (11:20:33 AM): AdmissionCorp
ivrpachat (11:20:34 AM): yes, the images.
Trogdor1178 (11:20:45 AM): hosts teh Host@IPIX website
badders360 (11:20:53 AM): Also Voyager360 - see last weeks transcript
Virtualabq (11:21:08 AM): is still accepting .ipix files and distributing them as they were before, posted one last night
badders360 (11:21:17 AM): is everyone clear that if you have an ipix image, it will not expire
Virtualabq (11:21:25 AM): Yes
badders360 (11:21:31 AM): the only thing that is expiring are the licenses
Trogdor1178 (11:21:31 AM): And RealBiz360.. not to be confused with RealViz
ivrpachat (11:22:03 AM): so things have not "changed" too much at least for pre-existing IPIX photographers.
dompouliquen (11:22:19 AM): Just to clarify: REALVIZ is not in the hosting business, but in the stitching business
badders360 (11:22:19 AM): exactly - apart from the blip when the IPIX site was down
Virtualabq (11:22:43 AM): Not too much, I think the Real Estate Wizard users can even still buy keys
ivrpachat (11:22:59 AM): but things may change when the auction of IPIX assests is completed...
badders360 (11:23:22 AM): so the question really is where do we go from here
ivrpachat (11:23:29 AM): how many IPIX photographers are we talking about? now? active?
Virtualabq (11:23:35 AM): Yes, but according to the story in the Knoxville Sentinal, that could take 2 years
Trogdor1178 (11:24:09 AM): well who ever buys the assets isn't going to ignore teh only profitable part of the business like the former mgt did, I hope..
Trogdor1178 (11:24:12 AM): 939 Renewal Notices since Jan 1
I am Yoda 2005 (11:24:28 AM): I am looking into getting new software for the stiching, I tried out Studio 2005 Panoweaver but I several questions about the software. First, can you do drop batch? Second, does the program color balance between the two fisheyes?
Virtualabq (11:24:49 AM): There are only about 100 in the referral list on the site
voyager360 is not online, and therefore cannot chat.
dompouliquen (11:24:55 AM): I would like to announce that REALVIZ will come with a 2 shot solution soon.
Trogdor1178 (11:24:56 AM): easypano is painfull...
Trogdor1178 (11:25:08 AM): Dominique, Really?
I am Yoda 2005 (11:25:10 AM): That is what I thought
voyager360 is not online, and therefore cannot chat.
dompouliquen (11:25:26 AM): Release date is October 15.
Trogdor1178 (11:25:45 AM): I will have to check it out... has entered the chat room.
Virtualabq (11:26:01 AM): I tried PTGui and its difficult to figure out, but stitched beautifully from 4 fisheyes (the trial will only use 4) (11:26:02 AM): ok, thaks. I see everybody now.
Trogdor1178 (11:26:06 AM): the new 6 SHot and the V tour products are amazing
dompouliquen (11:26:15 AM): Thanks
badders360 (11:26:31 AM): does everyone know you can stitch 3 shot fisheyes with Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited?
Virtualabq (11:26:43 AM): Yes
Trogdor1178 (11:26:52 AM): Andy, do you ise teh Agnos rotator for that?
ivrpachat (11:26:55 AM): so the UNCERTAINLY about IPIX means people are looking for alternatives...
I am Yoda 2005 (11:27:07 AM): Yes,
Virtualabq (11:27:07 AM): Haven't tried the Stitcher 5.5 demo yet
badders360 (11:27:08 AM): Yes, the agnos rotator is great
ivrpachat (11:27:37 AM): the beauty of the ipix was the SPEED...of use.
badders360 (11:27:42 AM): for anyone interested in the new solution from REALVIZ, I can give more info via our website tomorrow (11:27:49 AM): What does anyone recommend for a two shot system?
Trogdor1178 (11:27:53 AM): and it was pretty easty to use
ivrpachat (11:28:04 AM): easy=speed :-)
dompouliquen (11:28:28 AM): The process is fully automatic, and the speed does not look like an issue for our users.
ivrpachat (11:28:37 AM): I realize we have companies offering alternatives to IPIX.
Trogdor1178 (11:28:52 AM): the 6 shot sure was faster then the 4 shot plugin for Interactive Studio
dompouliquen (11:28:54 AM): This is definitely the case with REALVIZ, yes.
Virtualabq (11:28:58 AM): As a Real Estate photographer wants is a quick easy system like the 2 fisheye method, higher priced work like hotels, I use 3 fisheyes
badders360 (11:29:34 AM): I teach IPIX and I know the key features we all like (11:29:40 AM): How does a 3-shot fisheye work? What is the product name, lenses? Rotator?
badders360 (11:29:55 AM): speed of stitch, batch saving, tripod caps
Trogdor1178 (11:30:07 AM): Edit in image
ivrpachat (11:30:16 AM): what about the one-shot, parabolic mirror images?
dompouliquen (11:30:21 AM): Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited can already stitch 3 shot fish-eye
Trogdor1178 (11:30:24 AM): One shots are horrible
Virtualabq (11:30:29 AM): iPIX offered a 3 stop rotator and I'm using a Manfrotto 300n Panoramic Head under an iPIX rotator for 3 and 4 stops
Trogdor1178 (11:30:42 AM): they are distorted low res and have fragile bulky equipment
Virtualabq (11:30:50 AM): the one-shote aren't full 360x360
badders360 (11:30:59 AM): to answer Voyager and Virtualbq: you can do this with Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited
badders360 (11:31:37 AM): there are a couple of rotators, I sell a number including the Agnos range perfect for 2/3 shots
ivrpachat (11:32:02 AM): back to the images: on the National Geographic site way back in 2002 were some cave interiors in IPIX format (not the java viewer)....what happens to them?
Virtualabq (11:32:16 AM): Do you have to buy an Agnos that does one or the other, but not both?
badders360 (11:32:31 AM): Those images will be fine
Trogdor1178 (11:32:44 AM): if they were hosted at Host@ipix via a contract.. the contract expired.. and the server wsa repurposed...
Trogdor1178 (11:33:08 AM): many people had one year hosting contracts that were never renewed...
badders360 (11:33:14 AM): if you are displaying using the ActiveX plugin you may have an issue as the code calls a cgi script from
Virtualabq (11:33:15 AM): The 5.0 java viewer from iPIX will veiew bot the Java and Plug=In images
badders360 (11:33:43 AM): but I have the script and the browser plugins - email me at for details
Trogdor1178 (11:33:56 AM): but if you are hosting the images yourself then you have no ned to worry
ivrpachat (11:34:21 AM): so some people with IPIX images who had them hosted by IPIX have problems?
Trogdor1178 (11:34:48 AM): not though the normal Host@ipix... some people had special hosting agreements signed in 2001
Virtualabq (11:35:00 AM): I'm having my webmaster discontinue offering both Java and Plug-In viewer options, just the Java Viewer. There's no need for the Plug-In anymore
badders360 (11:35:08 AM): to answer Virtualbq: You neeed only buy one Agnos rotator and it will do 2/3 shots
Trogdor1178 (11:35:09 AM): tohose were for a term of one year and were not renewed.
ivrpachat (11:35:20 AM): interesting....
Trogdor1178 (11:35:34 AM): allthough the tours were up till Oct 05
badders360 (11:35:45 AM): you can also update it for higher end systems or look at other rotators such as the excellent 360 Precison - but that of course is not for two shots
Trogdor1178 (11:36:00 AM): there weree only some 10-15 under those contracts
Virtualabq (11:36:07 AM): Depending on which industry we work in, hosting is a separate issue from stitching
dompouliquen (11:36:16 AM): For the future, may I recommand the Java Pure Player from Immervision, or the Spi V viewer (Shockwave), in addition to Quick Time of course
ivrpachat (11:36:43 AM): Some parties have expressed interest in acquiring the IPIX patents, but that will take time. So some uncertainty remains for IPIx PHotographers...correct?
Virtualabq (11:36:44 AM): Does the Spi V viewer use cubic strips?
Ford Oxaal (11:37:01 AM): I have to run out for a few minutes... sorry for the interuption
Trogdor1178 (11:37:03 AM): the pure player can also show nagivable images from Rectilinier projection, yes?
dompouliquen (11:37:04 AM): Answer is ys to Virtualabq
Virtualabq (11:37:15 AM): Correct, most of use are looking at alternative software just in case
badders360 (11:37:21 AM): the point is, you should all be aware that if you are using the IPIX Java applet, you images are 100% safe. But if you are using the IPIX active X plugin - you will have a problem if (as it did happen) the IPIX site goes down
ivrpachat (11:37:24 AM): just in case...
Virtualabq (11:37:28 AM): What software create cubic strips
taugwalderCH (11:37:34 AM): Don't forget Thomas Rauscher's Flash player which was just released
ivrpachat (11:37:46 AM): always good to have options...
badders360 (11:37:49 AM): again, Stitcher 5.5 can create cubic strips
dompouliquen (11:38:09 AM): Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited can create cubes, in Immervision, Shockwave and Quick Time
ivrpachat (11:38:44 AM): There is no guarantee the IPIX site will remain online, correct?
dompouliquen (11:38:47 AM): Immervision has also announced a Flash viewer
badders360 (11:38:52 AM): that's correct
I am Yoda 2005 (11:38:59 AM): will sticher 5.5 work with 2 fisheye images
dompouliquen (11:39:09 AM): Answer is Yes to Yoda 2005
Trogdor1178 (11:39:13 AM): on Oct 15th...
Trogdor1178 (11:39:29 AM): rioght?
dompouliquen (11:39:29 AM): On Oct 15th, yes.
Trogdor1178 (11:39:29 AM): right*?
ivrpachat (11:39:30 AM): so if I were an IPIX photographer would you advise me to seek alternatives?
dompouliquen (11:39:43 AM): in the mean time, you can extend your Ipix license or use 3 shot fish-eye panoramas
Virtualabq (11:40:12 AM): Even if you have a far off expiration date, looking at alternatives is a must
ivrpachat (11:40:37 AM): (I've gotten several emails from people seeking "advice")
I am Yoda 2005 (11:40:41 AM): what program creates the full screen quicktime
dompouliquen (11:41:13 AM): Again, Stitcher 5.5 can create full screen quicktime. There are a lot of very cool examples in our gallery
Virtualabq (11:41:21 AM): Dompouliquen, I extendeded my license til 09/2008 and can stitch 3 fisheyes
dompouliquen (11:41:41 AM): Correct.
ivrpachat (11:41:56 AM): If I have the cave IPIX images from years ago, How can I convert them to some other format?
ivrpachat (11:42:12 AM): (I 'm not going back to the cave anytime soon :-)
Trogdor1178 (11:42:18 AM): Dominique, will teh 2 shot be able to use a Canon 5D and a Sigma 8mm?
dompouliquen (11:42:30 AM): Yes, of course.
Trogdor1178 (11:42:37 AM): You can convert them by sending tehm to me... I will convert to .mov
Trogdor1178 (11:42:57 AM): So you only need 180 Deg. FOV not any greater?
ivrpachat (11:43:06 AM): do you charge? I saw several ads for IPIX conversions?
Virtualabq (11:43:15 AM): iPIX Interactive Studio with the Format pack can output numerous formats including EquiRectangular
Trogdor1178 (11:43:38 AM): Nah... how many are there?
badders360 has left the chat room.
Trogdor1178 (11:44:01 AM): I mean if I can do it in less then an hour I will convert them
Virtualabq (11:44:12 AM): Most of the conversions, were meant to move the photog to another software
ivrpachat (11:44:16 AM): A google search on IPIX shows: "convert IPIX", and "IPIX alternatives"
Virtualabq (11:44:41 AM): The only software that can work with the .ipx format is iPIX's
badders360 has entered the chat room. (11:45:13 AM): We at Voyager are working on iPIX compatible KEYS...
Trogdor1178 (11:45:33 AM): is that legal? (11:45:38 AM): In addition to letting customers HOST their own native iPIX generated (.ipx) tours. (11:45:59 AM): yes. it is. (11:46:12 AM): just like there areCLONE PCs
Trogdor1178 (11:46:17 AM): send me the info please (11:46:32 AM): There will be the need for other companies to support the IPX format just as there are many firms that spit out QTVR movies.
ivrpachat (11:46:33 AM): quick question: How many photographers were ORDERING ipix keys up to the end?
badders360 has left the chat room. (11:46:42 AM): Generating IPIX compatible keys poses no problem that we see.
Trogdor1178 (11:46:53 AM): about 25,000 a month in keys...
Trogdor1178 (11:46:59 AM): dollars
Virtualabq (11:47:10 AM): What about iPIX Software that doesn't use keys?
badders360 has entered the chat room. (11:47:36 AM): Is the ipix sotre down now? (11:47:50 AM): Last week, many custoemrs were still ordering keys for their Real Estate Wizard software.
ivrpachat (11:47:52 AM): so IPIX was pulling in $25k a month from key sales ?
Trogdor1178 (11:47:55 AM): no
Trogdor1178 (11:48:05 AM): yes keys only
Trogdor1178 (11:48:34 AM): average sales were 145K a month.... 30% hardware...
ivrpachat (11:48:36 AM): what was the HIGH for key revenue?
Trogdor1178 (11:48:41 AM): look on the 10K
ivrpachat (11:49:07 AM): I have a hard time believing 10k, (former MCI stock holder...)
Virtualabq (11:49:21 AM): That's why I think somebody is going to buy the appropriate patents and the still image software, there's cash flow
ivrpachat (11:49:22 AM): 10K reports...
Trogdor1178 (11:49:49 AM): Well IPIX had extrernal auditors and well as internal... Sarbanes Oxly...
Trogdor1178 (11:49:56 AM): teh 10K's are true
Trogdor1178 (11:50:20 AM): we did almost .5M in Sills in Q1
Virtualabq (11:50:41 AM): Richard Boughner formaerly with iPIX, told me
Virtualabq (11:50:57 AM): The Still Image division made money in 2005
ivrpachat (11:51:04 AM): what if someone like Ford comes up with "alternate" it backfor the lawyers?
Trogdor1178 (11:51:04 AM): Richard Boughner initiated some really good accounts...
Trogdor1178 (11:51:35 AM): you'll have to ask Ford...
Ford Oxaal (11:51:40 AM): Just got back -- I see discussion of alternative software -- we are happy to open up the field -- software manufacturers are invited to contact us regarding licensing... We have a package at as well
ivrpachat (11:52:04 AM): Good timing, Ford :-)
ivrpachat (11:52:20 AM): I can see where this is confusing....
Trogdor1178 (11:52:35 AM): google Ford Oxxal and IPIX...
Ford Oxaal (11:52:47 AM): What's confusing Mike?
Trogdor1178 (11:52:50 AM): Oxaal*
Virtualabq (11:52:52 AM): Depending on who buys the patents/software, they may just license anybody they feel is flow!!!
Trogdor1178 (11:53:17 AM): also look up IPIX on teh US patent DB...
Virtualabq (11:53:36 AM): This is an old argument, lets move on
I am Yoda 2005 (11:53:50 AM): I have export all the IPIX 360's for quicktime, does anyone know of a software that can edit quicktime moives? I need to apply an autospin and adjust the opening window size.
badders360 (11:54:00 AM): Existing IPIX customers should be aware that as time passes, clients will feel less likely to buy images based on a company that's bankrupt
ivrpachat (11:54:07 AM): (should be interesting :-)
dompouliquen (11:54:16 AM): Stticher 5.5 Unlimited can do (answer to Yoda)
Ford Oxaal (11:54:16 AM): No, we have the stitching patents, as well as viewing -- we originally licensed IPIX. Now is a good time to open up the field.
badders360 (11:54:17 AM): if IPIX rises again, then all well and good
johnvincenti360 has entered the chat room.
Trogdor1178 (11:55:18 AM): welcome John!
Virtualabq (11:55:19 AM): With the IIS I can output any format they want, the advantage to the .ipx format is the Java Viewer with progressive loading, not possible with the PTViewer
ivrpachat (11:55:20 AM): well, the next several months should prove interesting :-)
ivrpachat (11:55:34 AM): Hi John,
badders360 (11:55:35 AM): but as Ford says, now is the time to look at what else is on offer
ivrpachat (11:55:50 AM): JOhn are you using IPIX or something else?
badders360 (11:56:18 AM): you also have progressive Java with Immervision pureplayer
dompouliquen (11:56:34 AM): Again, looking for a Java alternative, please consider Immervision's Pure Player (also working on PDAs, Falsh...)
johnvincenti360 (11:56:44 AM): I use IPIX for Real Estate, shoting houses almost every day, and uploading to Hometour360, previously uploading to Host@IPIX
ivrpachat (11:56:54 AM): the basic fact is photographers do not want to pay for keys if possible...
ivrpachat (11:57:08 AM): so John, what are your concerns?
badders360 (11:57:12 AM): agree- that was my hardest sell
dompouliquen (11:57:16 AM): I agree that this is an old business model (answer to ivrpachat)
Virtualabq (11:57:19 AM): What file type does Immersivision use fro progressive loading?
ivrpachat (11:57:49 AM): (just askiing John's two cents....)
badders360 (11:57:49 AM): Immervision uses the .ivp format
Virtualabq (11:58:09 AM): Is the .ivp format full 360x360?
badders360 (11:58:13 AM): yes
dompouliquen (11:58:31 AM): Yes : 360 H by 180 V in fact ;-)
Trogdor1178 (11:58:34 AM): I wonder who will pick up the IPIX military product...
Trogdor1178 (11:58:49 AM): the GRIDS product...
Ford Oxaal (11:58:50 AM): We are working on that now
Virtualabq (11:58:54 AM): .ivp is PhotoVista isn't it?
johnvincenti360 (11:59:03 AM): I'd like to find a easy to use alternative to IPIX for stitching fisheyes, keep my camera set-up, and find a visually nicer solution forhosting.
ivrpachat (11:59:18 AM): thanks John.
Trogdor1178 (11:59:27 AM): realbiz360 has a hosting solution
badders360 (11:59:37 AM): hi John, if you read up the listing there are solutions coming
Ford Oxaal (11:59:50 AM): To johnvincenti: try out our software, or Dominiques
ivrpachat (11:59:53 AM): (chat log will be posted...)
ivrpachat (12:00:08 PM): OK, we shoud wrap up...
ivrpachat (12:00:17 PM): anyone...last questions?
Virtualabq (12:00:19 PM): I'm not a big fan of Homestore, but they support images that use the PTViewer as well as iPIX
Trogdor1178 (12:00:39 PM): Dominique, will the 2 shot have the ability to support point and shoot cameras?
I am Yoda 2005 (12:00:55 PM): Did anyone recommend a quicktime editing software or solution
Trogdor1178 (12:00:59 PM): I hear reavbiz360 has chooseable skins...
Trogdor1178 (12:01:10 PM): Stitcher 5.5
dompouliquen (12:01:32 PM): If there is a full circle fish eye lens for it, the answer is yes.
Trogdor1178 (12:01:37 PM): cool
Virtualabq (12:01:38 PM): Quicktime isn't supported by the real estate sites or most of the national hotel websites
ivrpachat (12:01:48 PM): any word on the IPIX assets sales? time table? date?
Trogdor1178 (12:02:03 PM): contact Stephen Karbelk at tranzon fox
I am Yoda 2005 (12:02:09 PM): That is ok, I do not shot real estate
ivrpachat (12:02:14 PM): (I registered with the auction info as yet).
Trogdor1178 (12:02:30 PM): what are planning on buying?
johnvincenti360 (12:02:39 PM): Where does one register with the auction house?
Trogdor1178 (12:02:41 PM): the name?
badders360 (12:02:50 PM): Question: are people still confused by what IPIX images you can still view and what ones you can't? (12:02:54 PM): (12:02:59 PM): is name of the auction firm
Virtualabq (12:03:15 PM): No confusion here
ivrpachat (12:03:19 PM): (has an for sale list been issued?
badders360 (12:03:20 PM): Do you all haev the information you need to know how to move your business forward?
Trogdor1178 (12:03:37 PM): Executive Vice PresidentTranzon Fox3819 Plaza DriveFairfax, VA 22030703-912-3307 (office
ivrpachat (12:04:13 PM): But what exactly is for sale? I don't know.... (12:04:20 PM): No the list is not done yet. It will be sent to those interested in iPIX trademarks and patents.
Trogdor1178 (12:04:24 PM): it's being sliced 3 ways
Virtualabq (12:04:33 PM): Everything, office furniture, patents, etc
Trogdor1178 (12:04:48 PM): Video, immersive Photo, and Persistant Wide area survailiance
Trogdor1178 (12:04:56 PM): yes everything
ivrpachat (12:05:03 PM): OK, last questions? comments? ANYONE?
Ford Oxaal (12:05:23 PM): THanks for having us Mike!
Trogdor1178 (12:05:31 PM): Thanks!
dompouliquen (12:05:33 PM): Many thanks.
ivrpachat (12:05:36 PM): question: is there a email list for IPIX photographers?
badders360 (12:05:37 PM): Thanks for a good discussion, I suggest another again soon.
I am Yoda 2005 (12:05:38 PM): Thank you
Virtualabq (12:05:45 PM): Mike, thanks for your help getting in the Chat
ivrpachat (12:05:55 PM): you welcome... (12:05:59 PM): That list of photographers is one of the assets being offered by Tranzon, Mike.
badders360 (12:06:01 PM): I can set one up if you wish
johnvincenti360 (12:06:03 PM): Yahoo Group [ipix-dev] I'm the moderator.
Trogdor1178 (12:06:16 PM): Dominique, I would like to discuss your Oct 15th release further, may you please cal me?
johnvincenti360 (12:06:19 PM): about 50 members
Virtualabq (12:06:25 PM): Voyager, I have the list in a MS Word format (12:06:34 PM): Would love to get a copy.
ivrpachat (12:06:37 PM): OK, we can post our "messages" at the IVRPA forum (for free) please share your resources, and discounts! (12:06:39 PM): :-D
dompouliquen (12:06:41 PM): Of course. Please e-mail to me at:
ivrpachat (12:06:46 PM): http:/ (12:06:50 PM): Will do.
dompouliquen (12:06:59 PM): Question to ivrpachat: any date for the European event ? (12:07:02 PM): For those that need iPIX hosting, we've been hosting them natively for 3 years. (12:07:04 PM): (12:07:19 PM): We upgraded the tour window to include satellite maps, and Photographer branding, too.
badders360 (12:07:21 PM): feel free to email me also
Ford Oxaal (12:07:31 PM):
Virtualabq (12:07:36 PM): For the North America iPIX list, e-mail me at
johnvincenti360 (12:07:48 PM):
Trogdor1178 (12:07:58 PM):
ivrpachat (12:08:07 PM): dominquie the LIsbon Summit was not a IVRPA event, but it is cancelled.
dompouliquen (12:08:26 PM): Oups.. I got confused here. Yes, it has been cancelled.
ivrpachat (12:08:45 PM): thanks all, I will have the chat log on line...please share your resources if you can...
dompouliquen (12:08:56 PM): Bye
ivrpachat (12:09:00 PM): chat has ended!
Trogdor1178 (12:09:02 PM): cheers!
Trogdor1178 has left the chat room.


Hosting by Realbiz

In the chat the solution Realbiz360 was brought up, and I thought I would give a little more info.?Realbiz360 can be found at:

Realbiz uses a unique server called Vista Server that is able to deliver panoramic images of any resolution. They provide an application called TourBuilder with an upcoming release very soon that will stitch 2, 3 and 4 fisheye images such as that ipix tools used. Combining these tools the fisheye images can be shown at their orginal resolution with minimal compression, even at full screen. This also enables zooming capability, all with little bandwidth necessary. Pricing is also very reasoable.
See samples here:

3 free panoramas can be made with their trial.

Bruce Anderson